September 22, 2013

40 Things I Wanted To Tell People

This is a continuation of the post: 45 Things I Wanted to Tell People I Know.

I don't know if this is going to be a yearly thing but it seems that come August-September, I just need to detox here. Again, there are a lot of things I wanted to tell people but didn't have time to or maybe I didn't want to. So I'm posting this instead. If you feel that I'm talking to you or about you, then maybe it IS you. Don't feel too special though, maybe one entry talks about two or maybe five people. If you feel strongly about any of what I've written, you can talk to me on FB.

1. Thank you for all the cool music you've introduced. You've helped me get through a lot in more ways than you know. 

2. Nakakairita na lagi mong hawak ang cellphone mo. Lagi kang nagtetext, tumatawag o nagtatablet kahit may kausap ka or may mga taong naglaan ng oras nila para sayo. Sana hindi nalang tayo nagkita o sana hindi ka nalang sumama. Hindi ko alam bakit ka nagkaganyan. You let important moments pass by as you stare at a lifeless screen. Wag kang magtataka kung balang araw, pag nalubog ka, hindi ka yayakapin ng mga gamit mo.

3. Things happen for a reason. Hang in there.

4. I wish I could see you again and actually talk to you more. You seem really nice even back in high school.

5. Ang cute mo. Bakit ka ba kasi taken??? Hahaha!

6. Please grow up. Please.

7. End your misery. You're better off without him.

8. Plastic. User-friendly.

9. Sumbongera ka pala eh. Tell me, does it feel good to betray people who have trusted you and who have considered you as a friend? Ano, so napromote ka at the expense of your colleagues/friends' trust? Ano, masarap ba sa pakiramdam yung dagdag sa sahod mo pero nawala naman ang respeto at kerdibilidad mo? 

10. I am so happy you finally decided to step up and end the cycle of abuse. You didn't deserve that and I'm glad that you were able to find a better way to pursue your career. Saludo ako sayo.

11. Forced resignation ka pala eh. Buti naman. You had it coming teh. Mga 5 years in the making na rin. Buti naman nagising na yung company sa mga pinaggagawa mo. Andami ng nagresign dahil sayo. Don't tell me you're better off this way or that you're "happier" now. We all know you can NEVER be happy, that's why you tried to bring as many people down with you. Well guess what, you're all alone and you're rotting. Kudos to those who stood up to this monster office bully! Parang laging may isang ganyan sa office. Kahit saan. Tsk.

12.  Your employees are not mere workers. They are people. People who have actual lives outside the office, people who can feel and think. Why do you treat them like robots? Why do you want them to be submissive? You must value them more than anything because they look up to you as their leader. You should respect them and listen to their ideas. These employees can make or break your company. Well, too late for you.

13. Thank you for carrying me when I passed out. Thank you for taking care of me when I was at my lowest. I know we don't know each other that well but I felt your pain when you told me about what happened to your child. People should be more like you, still kind despite all the hardships you've been through. I pray for you and your family.

14. I am so happy that your dreams are finally coming true. Although I won't be there on your wedding, I still wish you all the love and success in the world. I'm genuinely excited for your family. Treasure what you have and continue to smile.

15. You have been a surprise to us all. You have not only proven yourself as a father, but also as a partner. She's very lucky to have you. Congratulations and keep up the awesome work. 

16. You are a mistake. I'm so happy you are out of my life.

17. Well, goodluck with that piece of baggage. 

18. Ang pogi mo sana kaso feeling ko bakla ka. Huhuhuhu :(

19. Thank you for taking me to places I've never been.

20. Thank you for opening up to me and for being my friend. 

21. Kaya natin 'to, friend. Kaya natin 'to. 

22. Wag mo akong ijudge kung hindi ako nagsisimba. Baka mas malalim pa pananalig ko sa Diyos kesa sa judgemental na paniniwala mo.

23. Yes, sugar mommy ka nga niya. And yes, you're worth so much than that. And yes, ipush mo yung cute guy na nameet mo sa meeting hahaha!

24. I like babies but please don't flood. Please.

25. Please stop commenting on my blog with your letters. If you want to talk to me, tell them to me directly. Even so, it's still a NO.

26. Your texts and messages make me smile everyday.

27. Thank you for calling me randomly and we smile/laugh for like 5 mins. 

28. Stop giving excuses and start being direct. Let's not waste each others' time.

29. Alam ba ng asawa mo yang panlalandi mo? May anak ka na teh. Naaawa ako sakanya.

30. Ok, after 7 years, crush pa rin kita. Hindi ko man lang nasabi sayo kahit nagkamoment tayo noon isang hapon, ganito rin kalakas ang ulan. Medyo nagsisisi ako pero wala eh, mabait tayo. CHOS.

31. Inlababo. Inlababo. nlababo. lababo. labo.

32. Hindi tayo talo. Hindi mo ko maiintindihan. Ayoko na ring intindihin ka. Wavelength? Wala. Friends? Hindi rin siguro.

33. I won't take any of your bullshit.

34. I'm here for you. I will support you no matter what. 

35. Buti pa si Patty Laurel nagrereply sa e-mail namin. Di tulad ng ibang so-called "bloggers." Nahiya naman kami sainyo.

36. How the fuck do some people get boyfriends so easily? Like what the fuck, do you just create them in your basement or what?

37. I bet you lied to all your new friends about what happened. Well, I'll just let you dig your own grave mofo. 

38. I like how I can comfortably rest my head on your shoulder while watching a movie. Tall guys are the best.

39. Bakit ba kelangan maging bitch ng mga babaeng boss lalo na sa mga babae nilang employees? Bakit mo ba kelangan dalhin insecurity mo at ilabas sa mga mas mababa ang posisyon sayo? Buti sana kung sakin lang nangyari to pero hindi eh, andami kong mga kakilala/kaibigan na nakakaranas nito. Alam kong mahirap din ang pinagdaanan mo para maging boss ka pero wag mong ilabas ang sama ng loob mo sa mga tauhan mong nagsisimula pa lang. Kapag nakita mo yung potential, iencourage mo, i-guide mo, turuan mo, hindi yung naiinsecure ka at lalo mong binababa.

40. Janet Lim Napoles: I hope you burn in hell along with all your in cahoots. 

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    2. #29 *2014 na di pa din ata alam ng asawa nya*


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