September 04, 2013

Letting It Go in Cebu 2013

 The two sweetest people in the journey: Nel and Rap.
 And guess who I saw in SM Cebu? Sobrang fan girling ako nung nakita ko sila! I was laughing like a child. hahaha! Last photo was taken from Nel's IG.
 Welcome to one of the Mangubats' private beaches in Borbon, Cebu!
 Warm waters, clear blue skies and a lovely company. Detox!

 Heart to heart with my surprising "soulsister," Nel. I will treasure all your stories.
Rap brought us coconut juice. PARADISE ang peg! Thank youuuu!
 Nel, THIS is the life!
 So Nel, ano nga ba ginagawa natin?
 Next day, high tide, quiet beach...perfect.
 Masakit sa butt pag umupo ng walang shorts at sea shoes haha!
 After the beach in Borbon, we toured around Cebu City. Thank you Tita Edith, Rap, Kuya Mark and Nel for being warm and accommodating!
 Haha! Medyo balot. Don't you just love the beauty and privacy of this beach? Courtesy of Rap and Nel's uncle, Mardonio Mangubat! Galing niyo, Sir!
 After swimming and lunch, we had mangga't bagoong for our snack. I am so happy to have gotten to know Nel better, Rap's baby sister. She has a lot of interesting stories, loves Lana Del Rey (OMG), has the same taste of music and movies (STOKER fan, really? hahah) as I do. She has a strong faith and best of all, she is very intelligent and inspiring. Saludo ako sayo, Nel! Mahalin natin si Uncle Charlie at Lana forevuurrr. hahaha!
 After our amazing time in Borbon, we headed back to the city and were toured by Kuya Mark. Thank you, kuya! Before I forget, I would also like to thank Rap for his help and kindness. Hindi pa natin natatapos nila Nel yung Batman series, hehehe. Thank you din sa pagintroduce nung nakakapressure na game sa tablet, sa pagaasikaso at sa pagkuha ng pics namin ni Nel. Basta, salamat sa lahat!

Thank you so much, Tita Edith and Kuya Mark's family for being the most gracious and accommodating hosts ever! The Mangubat family deserves God's grace and love. They're the best. I was so touched by your kindness and promise, babawi po ako, Tita Edith. Stay young and beautiful. God bless po!
"Do one thing everyday that scares you." 
 Bonding with Nel in Crown Regency Hotel's Skywalk! Wala ka, Rap. Takot. Hahaha! Another scratch off our bucket list, friend!!! 
 Letting go.
It was one of those rare moments when you see the clouds open and a ray of light cuts through the heavily gray sky. That was Cebu for me. 
I finally did things that would normally scare me:
Be with new people and give my heart to something new.
In this case, I finally opened my heart to Cebu.
I feel better, so much better now.
Goodbye, Davao.

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