September 24, 2013

Help Us Save Rex and Snoopy!

My dear readers, please take time to read this message from my good friend, Kristine Gail Lobo.

Good day to everyone!
We, the Team Troy ( Troy was the first dog we rescued but unluckily died last September 9, 2013 because of Distemper) under Birut Foundation, are knocking at every dog lover’s heart for any kind of assistance you can give for our latest rescued dogs –Snoopy and Rex.
Rex is a young Labrador retriever who was rescued from the scavenger life of the street in Dasmariñas Cavite. He was picked up by our rescue team last September 20 and was given full laboratory check up and health assessment. His laboratory tests revealed that he is presently suffering from parvovirus, distemper, heartworm, Ehrlichia, Ear mites and ear infection.

Snoopy is a local dog who was saved from her neglectful owner last September 21. We were told by her local neighbors that she just recently gave birth to 5 puppies, but sadly all of them didn’t survive due to her inability to produce milk because of her over malnourished state. She was also given full laboratory check up and health assessment and her results revealed that she is also suffering the same diseases that of Rex but luckily but is just a bit luckier to be free of heartworms. We are currently facing a great difficulty in raising funds to continue with the treatment and rehabilitation of Rex and Snoopy and it is truly our greatest desire right now to help them fully recover and get another chance to life. We see in their eyes the determination to fight and survive, all we need to do is give them the necessary assistance they need to win their battle.
The Team has just started its initial rescue on August 2013, and is still insufficient of funds for continuous rescue operation. We do not even have the capacity yet to put up our own office and shelter edifice and still cannot produce our own transport vehicle whenever we have to pick up an animal in dire situation. It is a great disadvantage to us that we still have to divide the small money we raise to pay for transport service and boarding fees per rescued dog. Vet fees, treatments, medication and fostering are being met only by meagre donations of various kinds from generous people and chip in money from our own pockets. Hence, as much as we want to accommodate as many dogs that suffer, we can only take in such a few.
PLEASE HELP US SAVE LIVES. For Donations you can deposit any amount through these bank accounts:
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI): Account Type: Savings account Account name: Kristine Gail Lobo Account number: 0919-1523-89 Branch: BPI Los Baños Landbank: Account name: Kristine gail c. lobo Account type: Savings account Account number: 1896202363 Branch: UP Los Banos For Cebuana, LBC and Western Union remittance: Receiver: Kristine Gail Lobo Address: 93a revilleza compound, college laguna For more information you can contact:

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