August 18, 2013

Restaurant Review: Café Juanita

Café Juanita long ago joined the ranks of Abé et al in forging a satellite empire of restaurants. Not content with the original in Kapitolyo, another branch propped up in Burgos Circle. Now, the empire has come full circle, with the latest branch in Molito, Alabang to fill the South with all sorts of Filipino delights.

No-one likes food empires, especially those that repeat the same restaurant in three locations. It’s crass and it lacks imagination. It’s not McDonalds. However, perhaps, we may make an exception with Café Juanita, because the food is just that good and Southrons cannot fight traffic up to the Fort or Pasig every time we want some good Filipino food.

Famed for decades, this beaut little resteau is gold not just for its funky, rainbow-nostalgia themed ambiance, but for its classic take on Filipino dishes. With everything from a killer pork adobo, Aligue pasta and fried whiting, this place is a serious player in Filipino cuisine. In many ways, it guards the centre of our cuisine, serving as both the measure and standard-bearer of what defines excellent Filipino food. The best part? Sampling different levels of bitterness for the Sinegang to make the perfect broth for your palette. It’s the oenology of broth.
Some may balk at such gestures or the bold decor, but that’s what make Café Juanita such a mainstay on the restaurant scene.

Don’t Say: Isn’t this the same one from Pasig...and the Fort?

Do Say: I want that Sinigang slightly more maasim, thank you

* Classic menu, choice produce and complex flavours
* Extensive choices ranging from traditional to hispanic
* Generally great service from on-the-ball staff
* Swish interior design

* It's not as good as the original

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