August 24, 2013

Lost In Translation

Now, I understand Lost In Translation more and why it was critically acclaimed.   It reminded me so much of our time in Japan, when Mark would leave me in our hotel room or by myself to go around Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. I'd explore the streets on my own, much like what Scarlett's character did.

Before, my biggest childhood dream was to go to Japan, "the land of anime" as I presumed. Today, I would not even consider studying there. To be honest, by the end of our two-week stay in Japan, we kind of got bored and a bit lonely. Melancholic.
 Maybe, because it was winter. Or maybe, because it was a concrete jungle. Whatever it was, we'd still love to go back, but watching Lost In Translation made me cry for some reason.


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       Loving: Lost In Translation
            =(: broken hearts

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