August 27, 2013

August Favorites: Geek Haul

Usually when the money comes rolling in, a girl chooses to bag some beauty products first, a make-up haul if you will. But not this girl (or not this month teehee). Because sometimes, behind every girl wearing dresses and eyeliner, is a geek just waiting to escape. I finally got my chance to let my inner geek out this August with my aptly named: Geek Haul.
The Hand of the King Pin is the unique ultimate symbol of power in the Game Of Thrones universe. Any king can have a crown but not everyone has the honor of wearing this choice lapel pin or maybe Loras would say "it's more of a brooch." Whatever.
This one's official HBO merch. The solid metal gives it a weighty feel fitting for a man (or maybe even a woman) who can control a king.
A coat of red or a coat of gold, a lion still has claws and now I get to bear mine with my fitted burgundy House Lannister T-shirt. It's comfortable and soft, perfect for wearing when you need to be as unscrupulous as a Lannister or Janet Lim Napoles. Also in the bag is the 2nd volume of GOT's graphic novel, shipped all the way from USA courtesy of Joel. Thank you!
Joel, the Lannisters send their regards.
From House Stark to Stark Industries, it's not such a jump in logic to pick up this articulated Iron Man action figure as my gift to Joel. 
Isn't he cute? Hahaha
These little toys will remind me that GOT S4 will be here soon enough.
For now, I'll enjoy these babies.

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