July 30, 2013

Hurrah for July 2013!

July was a whole bag of surprises. A month of reversals, upheavals and profound choices. We even had a monkey attack or two. It was the Game of Thrones of months: nothing was safe, nothing was sacred and the twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat. Here's how it went down:

1. New job from Training to Operations
I’ve made a promotional transfer to an Exporting Company. Sad as I was leaving my old company, I just had to take this risk and opportunity to grow for the advancement of my career. It offers fresh challenges, more creativity, more flexibility and more responsibility. I love Training and I know I’ll go back to it some day, but the excitement of operations strategy was too much to pass up. Galleon Trading International is new in the Philippines and an expanding international export/import company. Therefore, a lot has to be done which might take me out of the country next month for both business and pleasure. :)
Wow, magkakabusiness card na ako.  :)
Turning my can'ts into cans and my dreams into plans.

2. Bali Trip
Cue those angry monkeys and HOT Aussie surfers, sea-weathered carvings and sun-weathered bikini tan lines. My sojourn to that sacred/profane beach near completes my right of passage through the most beloved beaches on earth. Keep the champagne flowing, Bali because your temples are even more beautiful than your famous sunsets.

3. Bucketlist: Ride an Elephant
Whether meeting Princess Jasmine or invading Gondor, the elephant is my mount of choice. I’ve always wanted to ride the majestic beasts, and my trip to Bali gave me my chance to let the gentle giant carry me off. After riding this beautiful creature and learning more about the cruelty behind this practice, I've decided that this will be the first and last time I'll ride an elephant. 

4. New Hair
Neat is nice and nice is neat, so I made the switch from Ombre Blonde to Strawberry Blonde, for a lighter, brighter ‘do that shines in the sun. It’s a radiant, uniform look, that pleases both Mark and the crowds.
AM and PM

5. Dates with friends
Share the love motherfuckas! College may be over, the party (not so much of a party really, just a jamming session until 3AM) continues. Seeing my friends always gives me that shot of youthful vivacity, to spruce up a Corporate Day.
Bi-polar: Corporate Life and Social Life. Corporate Life: So demure, prim and proper (chos). Social Life: Felt like rockstars until 3AM.
6. Game of Thrones Graphic Novel Volume 2
As graphic as it gets from a kick-ass iron throne, to a younger, frolicking cast. Beware The Others! Thank you so much, Joel for surprising me with this!

7. Downton Abbey
Lord Grantham invited me to stay. Carson reprimanded me and Lady Mary’s eyebrows quivered with suspicion. I came for Mrs. Patmore’s dinners, but I stayed for the Dowager Countess’ cutting lines. If you’re not watching Downton Abbey, you may be as radical as the chauffeur, Branson, because, well, nothing beats upstairs/downstairs period pieces chronicling the decline of the British Aristocracy. Good show, old boy.

I LOVE MAGGIE SMITH as the Dowager Countess!

The costumes are to die for! If only I can say I watch it ONLY for the costumes, but hey, Downton is a really good show.

8. Shingeki No Kyojin
Masaka! The latest, greatest anime to capture my heart and puzzle my mind and inspire my inner artist. This medieval, apocalyptic thriller is Evangelion meets the Walking Dead, in a more stylish, surreal form. A true subversion of the genre, with more than a nod and a wink to its past, Attack on Titan is the best thing to hit animated screens since...well, I don’t know quite remember when.

If you're planning on watching the anime or reading the manga, prepare for this kind of violence--and this is the tamest I could find.

9. Levi
I don't know how to describe his appeal but I'm really, really attracted to cool-headed leaders with superb fighting skills. JUST WATCH THE ANIME.

 This is not-so Levi as you know, he's a neat freak.
That's about it I think!
My August will be full of reports, traveling and felxi time. Ha!
Hello August, love you lots and see you next year, July!

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  1. Hi! I like your hair color! If you don't mind me asking, what brand of hair coloring did you use? Thanks in advance! :)


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