July 23, 2013

Hello Update!!!

Worship the sun on top of Kuta Heritage Hotel.
I'm so sorry for not updating this blog! I just arrived from Indonesia around 2PM and I just wanted to rest the whole day. Still, I know it's time to start writing again when my mother (yes my mother), asked me about a blog update. Apparently, she's been reading my blog religiously. Thank you, ma! It seems that when work becomes incredibly hectic, you can just be too exhausted to use FB, upload pics or even blog. Anyway, here are some of the things that kept me busy:

  • New work, resignation and another new work as a manager (finally!)
  • Another medical procedure for my recovery
  • Downton Abbey Marathon and True Blood
  • Movie marathons
  • Spent time with my loved ones
  • Preparation for my Bali trip
  • Bali trip
Walked all the way from the temple to here. I believe the future is bright for the young and the brave.
I have more than a thousand photos lined up from all my dates last July and of course, all my memory files in Bali. Here are some of the nice ones I got. There are also at least 5 backlogs in my Drafts for this blog and a major project for an international company. August is gonna be busy. Hopefully, I'll be out of the country again next month for holiday and business.

I will update this blog this week!

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