June 01, 2013

Quick Beauty Fix: Etude Eraser Show Eye Remover Tissues

 The name "Eye Remover" may be a bit funny but the effectivity of this product is no laughing matter. I usually use this when I'm too tired to use my Etude Eye and Lip Make Up remover.

As you can see, it effectively removes eye make-up, waterproof eyeliner etc.

 Item: Etude Eraser Show Eye Remover Tissues (Eye make-up remover)
Price: around P200
-Smells really good
-Cute packaging
-Value for money

-removes water proof make-up
-tissues are really moist and soft
-lives up to its promise
-gentle on the eyes

-can be a bit greasy to some

Verdict: Another product I would recommend. This will be a staple in my night-care regimen. This is also good when you are too lazy or too tired to remove make-up. I sometimes use it all over my face, since anything that's gentle for your eyes is ok for your face. I hope this review helped.

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