June 23, 2013

Mark and Millie's Trip to Japan: Osaka

 Osaka's most famous castle!
 I tell you, it was freezing but what the heck, smile lang!
 When I was younger, the only Japanese channel I know was NHK.

 Walking around by myself in the freezing winter of Japan.
 Beautiful yet melancholic. Straight from an old Japanese movie.

 Joined Mark to watch a hearing in Osaka High Court
Sad I couldn't take pics inside the castle:) Went around Osaka by myself while Mark was in class. It rained a bit and I froze my ass off but the magnificence of the Osaka Castle and the grounds was worth it. 

-Osaka Castle 
-Osaka Museum of History 
-Osaka High Court
-Went around the city
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        Loving: Japan
             =( : rainy season

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