June 16, 2013

Fashion Inspiration: Independent Women

image from here.
image from here.

Power dressing is often seen as a relic of the 1980s, where big hair, shoulder pads and pinstripes were the symbols of power. However, since ancient times, rulers have used clothing as symbols in the discourse of power. Whilst the lines have been blurred through consumerism and mass production, clothing is still the most evident symbol of position and hierarchy. Power dressing has evolved and is diverse. It is context specific, but certain universal rules apply.

The objective is to look professional, with nuances of femininity:

1. Wear a Suit: Whatever your profession, a well-fitted blazer has been the consistent symbol of authority for centuries.

2. Color: Darker colours matching skin tones are classically powerful, whilst seasonally appropriate reds, royal blues and even yellows are known to intimidate. 

3. Height: Wear close-toed heels for added presence.

4. Jewels: Well-placed brooches, necklaces and rings in diamond or pearl never fails to impress.

5. Bag: A good, branded back in a neutral color is perfect.

But remember, power dressing should be an outward expression of your skill, intelligence and confidence. It does not grant the wearer these qualities.


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