June 30, 2013

Hurrah For June 2013!

Happy Birthday to Me! Despite a difficult year with my health, my friends, family and work helped make June a special month filled with three birthday celebrations, lots of presents and endless outings. Even my puppies got in on the act! All of the wonderful people around me have been sunshine throughout this rainy season.
1. Birthday Celebration with my Family

I didn't turn 18, 21, 30 or 60, but my family made this birthday a special one, with a fabulous dinner at CafĂ© Juanita, where Filipino food is at its yummiest. 

2. Birthday Celebration with my Officemates

After a month in the new company, I already feel like part of the team! We all enjoyed the guilty pleasures of pizza and ice-cream over hot gossip and so many funny stories! xoxo

3. Birthday Celebration with Epsilon Chi Fraternity

university "batchmates" UPLB 2003/2004, 2005, 2006 :)

A weekend getaway to my old College haunts, complete with hot springs, resorts and a Mer-Nel's cake, made my Birthday a swingin' three celebration marathon! Thank you EpChi for making my birthday extra special. All the "crazy shit" shall stay in my memories, forevaaaaa. #bucketlist

4. Booked our hotel in Bali
I'm so excited to sit on that deck chair and sleep my worries away.
A getaway to this very special hotel by the beach is most welcome. Bali has been on my bucket list for far too long. After staring down some health issues, it's time for some RandR and I'm so glad to be having a holiday very soon! 

5. Dates with Gail, Erwin, Rona and Joel
With Gail and Erwin in Abe.
Catching up with friends - old and new - has made this June such a buzzing, busy month! 

6. Gifts

25 French Roses delivered to my house and a huge Conti's cake from my family. He knows I love red roses and they know I love Conti's cakes. All for my birthday. Blessed to have them in my life! Thank you!

Package from Mark's mother, Tita Milette. Thank you so much for the Zara jacket and scarf, tita! Shoes and Coach bag. Thank you, Joel and Margie! :)
Wonder Pore from Joel and Ralen! Thank you!
Roses, romance, cakes and treats. Birthdays always bring the best out of your friends and I've been blessed with some awesome gifts.

7. True Blood
And True Blood's back!!! The show could just be about Eric and I'd be happy. And don't forget the whooping crane...

7. My babies
And saving the best for last is my little pack of direwolves, who never seem to grow up. Hahaha. My furry little friends keep a smile on my face. :)

So thank you, all of you, for making me so happy. I feel so blessed to have each one of you in my life.
 Everything looks bright from here.

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June 23, 2013

Lovers in Shibuya

 Nope, we're not "the lovers" I'm talking about. This is my really close friend Sunshine. She was my roommate back in St. Therese Dormitory in UPLB. She's in Japan for her Master's degree in the prestigious Tokyo University. I am so proud of her!
 Mark and me in Topshop. If you're in Harajuku and Shibuya, it's a bit weird to shop in Zara or Topshop as Tokyo is a haven for amazing independent and famous. uniquely Japanese fashion labels. 
 Mark in Topman everything, Armani gloves and Doc Martens
 Millie: Zara jacket, Forever 21 sweater, wool scarf from Laos, Supre skirt, Zara leggings and Primadonna shoes.

Our Nana-Ren inspired Purikura! Or more like Hachi-Ren ne? hahaha!

Chance encounter

More fashion updates soon!

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Mark and Millie's Trip to Japan: Osaka

 Osaka's most famous castle!
 I tell you, it was freezing but what the heck, smile lang!
 When I was younger, the only Japanese channel I know was NHK.

 Walking around by myself in the freezing winter of Japan.
 Beautiful yet melancholic. Straight from an old Japanese movie.

 Joined Mark to watch a hearing in Osaka High Court
Sad I couldn't take pics inside the castle:) Went around Osaka by myself while Mark was in class. It rained a bit and I froze my ass off but the magnificence of the Osaka Castle and the grounds was worth it. 

-Osaka Castle 
-Osaka Museum of History 
-Osaka High Court
-Went around the city
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