May 05, 2013

Fashion Fave: Alexander McQueen Fall 2013

Fall season trudges on as the respite between a pastiche of pastel and overdetailed coats can be as grim an affair as House Stark’s words: ‘Winter is Coming.’ But sometimes, a moment of true aethereal beauty emerges, so exquisite, so bold and so splendid that it transcends season, weather and context, that it approaches living, moving, wearable art.

Sarah Burton’s abbreviated white-silk, cinched waist, pearl-encrusted, Elizabethan collection Alexander McQueen ascends to such heights. Eclectic, embelished and all things opulent, the 10 piece collection is like watching history re-interpreted by aliens. Elizabeth II, Versailles, the Sun King and even the Pope re-emerge in sumptuous ostrich feathers, frilly collars, metalwork and close-cropped shoes. But all this excess isn’t burdensome. Burton maintains a certain daintiness and empyrean whimsy to capture the imagination and fill you with joy.

An uplifting, sumptuous and thought provoking collection - exactly what makes Alexander McQueen one of my favourites. What else could a girl want?
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