May 26, 2013

Beauty Haul: April Favorites

Just a quick update of my favorite products last April or lack or it. Haha!
Most of the products for my skin care regimen are from Etude whilst my make-up, well, they come from everywhere. I don't know why, but I think Koreans make the best skin care prods whilst American and European make-up suit me better. I'm not a big fan of Korean make-up to be honest, they're just too light and boring for me.

1. St. Ives Lotion - smells soo good! Really hydrates my skin. Since I spent almost two weeks in the hospital, my skin really dried up so I needed some products to get that glow back. Thank God for this!
2. A Bonne Spa Milk Powder Salt Scrub - my friend recommended this and  I'm so thankful I bought it! This really leaves my skin soft  and smooth. It stings at first but once you get used to it, BAM, you'll have baby skin in a few sec! It's perfect!
3. Scents and Blends Ambrosia - I use my branded perfumes after taking a shower and before going to the office, but for 'retouches' during the afternoons, I use these really affordable perfumes from Scents and Blends. Smells like vanilla candy. 
4. Etude's Happy Tea Time Lemon - I was so happy when I saw  this again, I just had to have it! 
5. Etude's Lip and Eye Make Up Remover - My usual make-up remover.
6. Mentos in Apple Berry - Good for kissing. LOL
7. Tic Tac - Gotta have fresh breath all the time.
My new skin care regimen! 

Here's my Etude Haul for April. 
I finally got those eye-make up remover pads for lazy days, Etude's Eye's Cream and retractable eyebrow pencil.

Since I just came out of the hospital, I was bombarded with medicines and medical materials, I almost felt like a nurse or Girl Scout. Almost. 
 Other things I liked about April: Apple overload.

And of course Kit Kat and food from Japan! :)

I've been very busy with my new work. I'm very happy with my new office, new friends, new boss and new environment. Finally got the job I wanted. Hope this works.

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  1. Hello, this a complete unrelated question about your post since I don't know how to contact you. Haha. I just want to ask how you applied for a scholarship in university of Melbourne as i have read in your past posts if I'm not mistaken. Do you need high grades? I'm really interested on where or how you get your education...Fan of you blog by the way and I hope you don't mind my asking :))))


    1. Hello Ana! Sorry for the late reply! I think you also need high grades or a high GDP depending on the course you're gonna apply for. Thank you for the comment and for supporting our blog! Sorry for the late reply again! :D


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