May 26, 2013

Beauty Haul: April Favorites

Just a quick update of my favorite products last April or lack or it. Haha!
Most of the products for my skin care regimen are from Etude whilst my make-up, well, they come from everywhere. I don't know why, but I think Koreans make the best skin care prods whilst American and European make-up suit me better. I'm not a big fan of Korean make-up to be honest, they're just too light and boring for me.

1. St. Ives Lotion - smells soo good! Really hydrates my skin. Since I spent almost two weeks in the hospital, my skin really dried up so I needed some products to get that glow back. Thank God for this!
2. A Bonne Spa Milk Powder Salt Scrub - my friend recommended this and  I'm so thankful I bought it! This really leaves my skin soft  and smooth. It stings at first but once you get used to it, BAM, you'll have baby skin in a few sec! It's perfect!
3. Scents and Blends Ambrosia - I use my branded perfumes after taking a shower and before going to the office, but for 'retouches' during the afternoons, I use these really affordable perfumes from Scents and Blends. Smells like vanilla candy. 
4. Etude's Happy Tea Time Lemon - I was so happy when I saw  this again, I just had to have it! 
5. Etude's Lip and Eye Make Up Remover - My usual make-up remover.
6. Mentos in Apple Berry - Good for kissing. LOL
7. Tic Tac - Gotta have fresh breath all the time.
My new skin care regimen! 

Here's my Etude Haul for April. 
I finally got those eye-make up remover pads for lazy days, Etude's Eye's Cream and retractable eyebrow pencil.

Since I just came out of the hospital, I was bombarded with medicines and medical materials, I almost felt like a nurse or Girl Scout. Almost. 
 Other things I liked about April: Apple overload.

And of course Kit Kat and food from Japan! :)

I've been very busy with my new work. I'm very happy with my new office, new friends, new boss and new environment. Finally got the job I wanted. Hope this works.

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May 17, 2013

Mark in S Magazine

Mark's first magazine feature back in 2010.
P.S. Showbiz Age is not equal to Real Age.
Showbiz and Fashion peeps know this. ;)


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May 11, 2013

Why Nancy Binay Annoys Me

I am annoyed at Nancy Binay, not because she’s the under-qualified, untested, scion of a political family of dubious origin, who will likely be the hand-puppet of vested interests. Many candidates and elected officials are even more under-qualified, from Joseph Estrada to Lito Lapid. A conspicious contingent of congressmen are from political dynasties. Aquino is a shining paragon, as are the Marcoses, the Cayetanos and the Angaras. Many more come from better connected families that go back generations. Countless more are the playthings of vested interests.

So if Nancy Binay isn’t so different from others, what is the cause of all the vitriol?

She exposes the political system for what it truly is. The democratic incarnation of the feudal system, where political families have somehow convinced most people to vote in their liege lords. Like the Earl of Grantham, Mayor of ‘What’s it’ and Congressman of ‘Who Cares’ have become hereditary titles to be passed on to the new generation, who are entirely lacking in qualifications, accomplishment and policy.

Typically we let this slide. The people push this inconvenience into the recesses of their subconsciousness. Aquino claims honour and promised to crush corruption. The Marcoses claim achievement in their home province. The Angaras flaunt the controversial Aurora Special Economic Zone. Estrada claims to be the voice of the masses.

They dance a dance. They sing a song. They claim that they’re not running on a name, or because of their father. They claim accomplishment, vision and policy. They play the game and pretend that they’re real politicians, in the western mold.

Nancy Binay’s refusal to submit herself to questioning or participate in a debate exposes the political process for what it is - she isn’t being elected. She is claiming a hereditary title, that she believes is hers, by right, by virtue of her name. In truth, Nancy Binay’s lack of experience is not the only reason why she sickens us. Her refusal to adhere to social norms and pretend to be a real politician offends us. And she does all of these with the enthusiasm of a foot rug. She has brought to life what we truly knew in our hearts: people like her don't even have to lift a finger to win. 

Make no mistake, she is unqualified and she is running on nothing but her father’s name. But so did Aquino and every politician with a famous surname. What marks her out is her refusal to dance the seven veils. That doesn’t make her better or worse than the others. But hopefully, it finally exposes the political system for what it is. We hope that her imminent election will finally drag this charade screaming into the light and serve as the trigger that fires the first shot against the perpetuation of political dynasties.

So, cheers to you, Nancy. May your election be the last time we put a Lord of the Philippines into parliament.

PS. Also, Nancy, in all seriousness and as a make-up artist, please, please find the correct shade of foundation for your skin type. You look like you still use Johnson's Baby Powder or worse, espasol.

Mark and Millie

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May 10, 2013

Kimi Meets Baling Teaser


Directed by Kit Lora
A short girl on girl sketch I did with Ine, Kit and Kim at UP Diliman.
Cute nila no?

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Mark And Millie's Bucket List: Travel The World

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May 07, 2013

Hurrah For April!

Beware the Ides of March warns the Soothsayer. Yet, pain and fear and tribulations strike at any time. They are not scheduled as conveniently as Shakespeare. April was a time of loss, where the leaden echo of despair was deafeningly loud. Momento mori - it whispered, or sometimes yelled. But it was also a time to reflect, a time to reach out and a time to be thankful.

1. Date with Allison, Gray Portrait and Kadz
-I was just so happy to see these people and bond with them. I miss them so much and I'm glad we were all able to catch up. :)

2. Love and support from my loved ones
- Words cannot describe the overwhelming gratitude I feel for my family and friends who took care of me.
- Thank you so much Mark for coming all the way from Sydney in the middle of the semester just to stay with me and take care of me 24/7 even for a week. 
Thank you so much Joel for driving every day to see me, taking care of my needs and for helping me get through the pain. Thank you for taking a break from your work for a month to help me recover. You don't know how much I appreciate it.
-Thank you so much Margie, Me-Ann, Ate Sally and Mark for being there for me and attending to my requests and needs. Thank you Margie for being the temporary head of the house and making sure that everything in our home was in order whilst I was in the hospital. I know you literally got sick and stressed for managing the household, your work and me. Thank you for your patience.
- Thank you so much to my second mother, Tita Cecile for all the support you have given and strength you have shown. Even though you were super busy, you still took time to visit me and fix everything for me so I will be spared the stresses of dealing with hospital issues.  
- Thank you so much to all my friends and family, Gail, Allison, Ralen, Sarah, Naj, Tito Joe, Tita Loyda, Tito Jun, Tita Annie, Tito Cesar, Tita Diophe, Fr Ross, Joe and Tita Milette for visiting me, praying for me, sending me cards, making me laugh and for listening to my woes.Thank you so much for your support. I love you all!
- Thank you so much to all my family and friends who consoled, messaged, visited, texted, skyped and called to show their love. 
- And of course, thank you very much to my parents for everything. Even though you were in New Zealand, you made sure that I was taken care of here. I'm sorry for letting you go through this pain but I assure you that I love you so much and did not want this to happen.

3. Seeing Mark again
-Upon hearing about my condition, he booked his plane ticket that very same day to look after me. He didn't sleep well because he assisted me in everything from standing, sitting, eating and using the toilet. My God. He has shown me so much love and dedication, I cry whenever I think about it. Thank you for being there and for giving me hope to move on. Thank you for helping me carry this burden.

4. Pasalubong and gifts from New Zealand, Australia, Japan and from a lot of people!
-My family and friends showered me with love! I received gifts, letters, messages, calls and texts of love and support! Thank you!!!

5. New Queen size bed and curtains
-Since I would be staying in bed for a month, Joel bought a beautiful queen size bed as my advance birthday gift! Thank you!!!

6. Got my old body back
-I don't have a picture yet but let's just say that from October 2012-March 2013, my weight went up from 106lbs to 117lbs! OMG right? So after my stint at the hospital, I'm back to a healthy 108-110lbs. :))

7. Future plans?
-My near death experience changed a lot of us. Yes, all my doctors said I almost died. If I waited a day or two more before going to ER, I would have died from internal bleeding/blood poisoning. So it made us think of our lives and future plans. Needless to say, during the time Mark was here, we were browsing through beautiful diamond rings. We were so giddy that we even asked mum if we could try some of her diamonds just to see how "it/future" whatever it is, looks. Anyway, I'm just hoping for the best :)

Since I had to undergo a major operation and was hospitalized for 9 days, I had to recover and stay at home for almost 2 months. 
1. Had to cancel my trip to Vietnam and my 1st day of Work 
-My doctor also advised me to cancel my trip to Vietnam and postpone my first day of work from April 15 to May 14. The farthest place I'm allowed to go is UPLB or any 2 hour land trip and I had to make sure that I have all my meds and a cozy hotel room where I can rest every few hours. Oh well, wishing I still get to see Vietnam later this year. :)

2. Health issues
-I cannot eat much. I cannot swim or go on a road trip. I cannot fly. I cannot travel for a few months while I recover. Hopefully, I'll be better for my Bali Trip this July.

So many things happened! Phew! I'm glad April's over but I'm so excited for my new career this May! Heck, I'm thankful I'm still alive to see May. To all the people who have been there for me at my lowest, here is a message for you:
I'm happy to know that I am still blessed and very much loved, all thanks to everyone.
One good reason to move on, right?


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May 05, 2013

Fashion Fave: Alexander McQueen Fall 2013

Fall season trudges on as the respite between a pastiche of pastel and overdetailed coats can be as grim an affair as House Stark’s words: ‘Winter is Coming.’ But sometimes, a moment of true aethereal beauty emerges, so exquisite, so bold and so splendid that it transcends season, weather and context, that it approaches living, moving, wearable art.

Sarah Burton’s abbreviated white-silk, cinched waist, pearl-encrusted, Elizabethan collection Alexander McQueen ascends to such heights. Eclectic, embelished and all things opulent, the 10 piece collection is like watching history re-interpreted by aliens. Elizabeth II, Versailles, the Sun King and even the Pope re-emerge in sumptuous ostrich feathers, frilly collars, metalwork and close-cropped shoes. But all this excess isn’t burdensome. Burton maintains a certain daintiness and empyrean whimsy to capture the imagination and fill you with joy.

An uplifting, sumptuous and thought provoking collection - exactly what makes Alexander McQueen one of my favourites. What else could a girl want?
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