April 09, 2013

Beauty Haul: March Purple Summer Favorites

1. Blueberry White Tea - Refreshing drink for summer. Bottle is also stylish. Currently using it as a vase for my roses.

2. Etude Pearl Extract Facial Mask - It's good to have facial masks this summer. It's extremely hot in the Philippines, you get oily and sweaty, so I think masks and scrubs will help remove any built up of dirt in your pores.

3. Can Can by Paris Hilton - I've had this for a while now. It has a very sweet, cotton candy-like scent. This fragrance suits my body during summer as it reminds me of sweet fruit cocktails and some fun, flirty times at the beach. Trust me, men love this scent as long as you don't put too much.

4. The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream  - This was given by a friend. Used it as sun protection for the beach since it has SPF 37. Still put on sun block for my face but I've decided to give this a chance. As usual, the color doesn't match my skin tone, so I'll be using it as a highlighter. Will provide a more thorough review in the future.

5. Maybelline Fifth AVE Fuchsia - I chose this color to complement the fuschia ribbons in my Nudo swimsuit. I try to mix it with MAC's Watch Me Simmer to give it a more neon feel and I'm loving it!

6. Human Nature Mineral Face Powder in Honey -  This product didn't appeal to me at first because it has a very light coverage. After using it a few times, I grew to love the finish and the fact that it suited my skin color so well.  It is available in four Filipina-friendly shades:
Vanilla – Light
Honey – Fair
Caramel – Medium
Toffee – Morena

7. Lovely ME: EX Milky Tint in Baby Pink - This was a gift from my close friend, Allison. I adore this sweet baby pink gloss. I coat this over MAC's Watch Me Simmer to have a dewy finish.

8. Etude Nail Polish - Another gift from Allison. I haven't tried it yet but it looks cool.

9. Cellphone tag from Boracay - Part of Allison's gift. Good for travelling. Haha, at least everyone knows who owns the phone.

Allison's gifts. Thank youuu 

If I need to take a few products at the beach with me, I'd take: 
1. Human Nature Mineral Face Powder in Honey 
2. The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream
3. Maybelline Fifth AVE Fuchsia 
4. YSL Baby Doll perfume

My current fave lipstick shade.
Products used: 
The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream  
Maybelline Fifth AVE Fuchsia
Nivea Sun Sunblock
YSL Baby Doll Perfume

As you can see, the sunblock and BB cream caused my face to have a bit of a white cast which will be washed out upon swimming. As of this writing, my tan is still even aside from a few tan lines so I'm good.

That's it for now! Enjoy summer!

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