March 03, 2013

What's Inside My Make-Up Kit?

 Thought I'd share what I have in my make-up kit. :)
 I got this really cute studded make-up pouch from Harajuku. I've been looking for something lightweight, cute and studded for a while now and when I saw this, I just had to have this! It's really roomy and all my products fit perfectly :)

1. Anna Sui Forbidden Affair perfume

2. Carmex- My lifesaver in Japan. Since we went to JP during winter, my lips got so chapped it bled. Mark gave me his extra Carmex and I've been using this ever since. BEST moisturizer/lip balm EVER!

3. MAC NW25 concealer- This has been a staple in my make-up kit. I've been using this for years! Sometimes, when I'm too lazy to buy this, I just grab any concealer from L'Oreal, Revlon or Maybelline but nothing, I said nothing beats MAC :)

4. MAC waterproof eyeliner- This will be so helpful this summer. Woot!

5. Majolica Majorca mascara- I really like the packaging but that's about it.

6. MAC pressed powder -For the really nice smooth finish. 

7. Tony Moly Autoeyebrow -my current fave eyebrow "pencil"

8. Lovely ME:EX BB cream from The Face Shop - Since the shade is super light on my skin, I use it as a highlighter. 

9. Nu Skin Nu Colour Tinted Moisturizer - Best buy so far. I really love how this product kept my skin moisturized in freezing cold Tokyo. You can read my NU SKIN TINTED MOISTURIZER REVIEW

10. Precious Mineral BB Cream Sample - Extra pack I always bring just in case I forget my tinted moisturizer or foundation.

11. MAC Watch Me Simmer -My go-to pink lipstick for the day. You can read my review here : MAC WATCH ME SIMMER LIPSTICK REVIEW

12. MAC Charmed, I'm Sure -My go-to red lipstick (aside from Russian Red) for the night. You can read my review here : MAC CHARMED, I'M SURE REVIEW

13. And of course my purple comb.

Nothing fancy for my personal make-up kit. I don't tend to bring a lot when I go out. I leave most of my make-up in my make-up trunk at home. 
What's in your make up kit?
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