March 15, 2013

My Shoe Collection Update PART 5

Just a quick update of my shoe collection. I have been buying knee-high boots because I am planning on going to cooler places this year aside from Japan. I'm not really sure if I could use them in Vietnam but a girl can try.Teehee. Oddly enough, I often go to other countries during their autumn-winter seasons for some reason. Wish I could go during Summer-Spring TBH. Anyway, whatever season it may be, I'm loving these new shoes from Topshop, Aldo, Zara and DMs. Define comfy! 

I apologize for not updating my blog for more than a week. I have been going out of town everyday, swimming, dining, meeting people etc. My nights are almost always filled with laughter and crazy stories. I always try to go home even in the wee hours of the morning since nothing can replace the comfort of my bed. Zonked out until 2PM, roadtrip for 2 hours and home by 3AM. Repeat. Don't get me wrong, I'm waiting for visas, school, jobs and med results. Wanted to enjoy while waiting. I also haven't uploaded the last 2 albums of our trip to Japan. Sigh. 

Hopefully, I'll be at the beach next week! Kayo din dapat! Hehe. Go na!

Anyway, here are the links of my shoe collection since 2010:

Enjoy summer!

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