March 03, 2013

Hurrah for February 2013!

February was mostly spent in Japan, a place that is at once compelling, alien and overwhelming. The distinction was stark, but we thrived on the difference. Reveling in the fashion offerings of Takeshita-dōri in Harajuku. Late nights in the glittering, human sea of Shibuya. The peaceful surroundings of Kyoto’s parks. Snow falling outside a handmade Soba bar. The whimsy and magic of the Ghibli Museum. The silkiness of a Kobe Miso Soup. The rush of the train as it pulls in at Nihonbashi station. The liberation of an Onsen on a subzero night. These memories will stay with us forever. They defined Japan. They defined us and they defined our February. So here’s to February: a month of dreams, exploration and learning. We’ll definitely miss it.

Let's keep this short and sweet.

1. Our two week trip to JAPAN :) 
Six albums and 5 more to go. Yes, I took lots of pictures. I will be blogging about the highlights of our trip soon. I'm currently helping my sister, Margie plan for her trip to Japan this year with her friends. 3 of my relatives have also expressed their desire to go to Japan so they've been asking for assistance as well. I think it's easier to explain with all these pics ne? :)

 2. Our TOKYO VALENTINE'S DAY. You can view our blogpost here.

3. Booked DAVAO and VIETNAM for summer.
 I'll be going to Davao and Vietnam with some friends this year. Kind of exciting to travel with new people. :) I'll also go out of town with the family in a few months. We're still waiting for dad to finalize his schedule since my parents will be going to New Zealand this April/May. Anyway, spending summer out of the city has become a yearly thing for us, so we're still waiting for dad to decide which island to book next.

 4. BUCKET LIST: Hot Air Balloon Festival 2013
Finally got the chance to attend/see this festival! Yes, it's in my bucket list. :)

This makes my Monday worth while. Cheers me up like you would never believe. Along with Modern Family, Big Bang Theory and Family Guy, my days will always be full of laughter. And oh! Game of Thrones is cooooommiiinngg this March. I can't sleep. 

6. This call.
So this girl named Jam called me and asked me whether I'm interested in their Masters Degree Program. I was really surprised that they got hold of my contact details even if I did not apply. :)

I don't care if you don't like dogs but they are the cutest, smartest and most adorable creatures in the world! With their soft, fluffy fur, they love to run around the house, hide under tables and chairs and lick us. They are just the sweetest little pups and they're growing oh so fast!!!!

That's it for our Feb. So far, March has been so much fun. Just came home around 2AM from Neil's pool party with Epsilon Chi Fraternity, Leng, Jomi, Camille and Tato. Good times. More happiness this March!

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