March 07, 2013

Davao Nov 2012 Photo Diary

Last November 2012, I went back to Davao with my friend Joel and his family for a much needed relaxation at the beach ♥ I've been to Pearl Farm last March 2012 and totally enjoyed my stay there, so I decided to return to paradise. 
This time, we went to Malagos Garden Resort, Bluejaz Beach Resort, watched Wreck It Ralph and Skyfall, then ate at this amazing restaurant called Ranchero in Abreeza and shopped at Forever 21 in the newly built, SM Lanang :) Good times!
Happy to back in Pearl Farm :)                                                    

Had a great time in Malagos Garden Resort. 

 Pwede ng umeksena? Lord of The Rings ang peg hahaha!

 Aaaah, childhood.
 When I was younger, I used to play in parks. My favorite is the swing. Can't get over it. 
 Papalagpasin ko ba ang trampoline??? Bungisngis all the way! May shorts ako ha!
 The Apparition pose. Hehe.
 Ang gutom na smile. Bow. 
 Love the interior.
 ANG SARAP. YUN LANG. SOBRANG SARAP. Haha Too bad there are only two branches in the world: one in Davao and one in General Santos City if I'm not mistaken. Will go back this March for the ribs!!!
 Shopping! Forever 21, SM Lanang. Nabigla naman ako. Hahaha!
 Then swimming ulit!
Ayun. Masaya naman sa Davao. Kahit pabalik balik ako. Parang sa UPLB lang, sarap balik balikan. :)
Until next time, valentine!

Here are other pictures of my Davao trips:
DAVAO 2010

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  1. I like your swimsuit here! Bagay for bigger ***** like us! Still hunting for one though, haha! :) <3


    1. Korek!!! hahahaha thank you AG!!! Check out Nudo online..they have great swimsuits! good luck!! <3 muaah!

    2. Will do! Dito lang naman ako sa blog mo naghahanap ng swimsuit na pwede ano ko eh, haha! Thanks, Millie!


    3. Hahaha parehas kasi tayo ng hinaharap! Thank you din AG!!! muaaah! :D

  2. i wonder kung bat hindi ka nakapunta sa Malipano Island jan sa Pearl Farm... its an Island that's part of the Resort... you could have asked on how to get there, coz their speedboat is free of charge for service to get there, if u spend a night or just a visitor, actually there's a 30 min interval for service to get there... That island is Heavenly, it has the lucrative Villas of the Pearl Farm resort and its Fine powdery White Sand is comparable to Boracay :) its fine sand is different from the Main resort, plus the more magnificent view w/ bluish water. :)

    and a must try also when u visit Davao is their Water Rafting or try Tubing and the ziplines and skycycle... Blugre's Cafe specialty is also a must try - Choco Torte with cream sauce cake and also try the cafe w/ durian forgot the name :D (i've been to there branch in SM Lanang Premier, Abreeza Mall and main branch at MTS)

    definitely i'll be back, Davao's a lot more to offer that we haven't experienced yet from its Highlands to Islands. :) i loved reading ur blog posts. keep em comin'

    1. Thank you so much for the rich info!! hahahaha! I'll make sure to visit everything you've mentioned when I get back next time! I wanted to try the water Rafting but we couldn't complete a group of 7-10? I think? I forgot hahaha but I'll def try the ziplines and skycyle along wiht Malipano.

      Thank you again for reading our blog!! :)

  3. na miss q ang davao.. visit mo din siargao island

  4. Ganda masyado ng mga pic mo..miss q din ang Samal ..naka punta kana ng Siargao Island > APE

    1. Thank you! I will try to visit Siargao! salamat ! :D

  5. Welcome . Ayos masyado ng Blogs mo. napa ka husay pag ka gawa > APE


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