February 16, 2013

My Ombre Hair Make-Over by The Jing Monis Salon

Hello darlings, we've just come home from a sojourn in Japan, but before you hear all about it, I'd like to share a special event that made our trip all the more fun: my new hair by Jing Monis!!! As the country's most talented stylist, I was very lucky to be a hair model for Jing's styling class. The result? A gorgeous gradient blonde ombre cut, with old Hollywood-Bond girl glamor. Jing is truly a genius.
The half day re-styling began at the trademark Jing Monis Salon in Greenbelt, which has a chic, renovated teaching section and stylish salon section. I was instantly made to feel welcome by his wonderful staff and his exceptional skills at hosting!
 Jing approaches each cut with a wealth of technical skill, experience and a personal touch that seeks to find the best style for each face shape and personality. After assessing my hair, face shape and personal style, Jing knew exactly what he watned to do. He showed me the colors, length and an outline of what he wanted to do. I was thrilled to hear that I would have a blonde ombre and a textured cut to emphasise light and movement.
Jing isn't just a master with hair - he's a passionate and dedicated teacher. Between his clients, business management and social justice work for typhoon victims, Jing has been training stylists for his new diffusion salon line with F&H: Famous. As his model for the day, I sat at the front of an eager class, my skull shape, hair and face shape scientifically assessed by Jing and explained to the class. Jing then began to cut my hair with an emphasis on volume, created by layers, texture and culling length.
With the colors pre-mixed, the class became interactive! Everyone began applying colour on strands - beginning with a light brown near the roots, an ash blonde in the middle, light blonde for the tips and strategically placed blonde highlights to frame my face. 
The coloring process took two hours and almost twenty people! 
Finally, with the color ready, Jing and his team styled my hair into sumptuous curls using nothing but a hairbrush and hair dryer! 
My make-over was an exhibition of skill, talent and experience, transforming my long, straight hair into a volumized, blonde-bombshell ombre.

If you're as hooked as me and would love Jing or his talented team of stylists to give you a make-over; Jing has three salons: Jing Monis Salon at Greenbelt 1; Velvet Salon at Maxims, Resortsworld and Jing Monis Salon at the Bellevue in Alabang. Jing brings a wealth of international experience, an eye for detail, the latest trends and the latest cuts and techniques, enhanced by his fun-loving and welcoming personality. He's also supremely talented at make-up to boot.

However, Jing isn't just a master stylist and successful businessman. He possesses a strong dedication to  social justice, regularly travelling to typhoon hit areas to provide beauty and hair styling starter kits to give victims a chance to restart their livelihood, building their own businesses. 
Going to Jing's salon wasn't just a make-over; it was an opportunity to see his skill, talent and rigorouss technical expertise up close. It was a privlege to be styled by someone so talented and so successful, yet so down to earth and community oriented. With my new blonde ombre style, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

Here are some of the instagram pictures of Mark's and my hair makeovers from their twitter:

What: The Jing Monis Salon
Who: Jing Monis
Where: 3rd floor, Greenbelt 1, Makati, Bellevue Hotel, Alabang and Resorts World
Website: http://www.thejingmonissalon.com
Contact: MAKATIl: 8934098 (+63917) 8306515 

                ALABANG:5550963 (+63917) 5214480

Have a lovely week!
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  1. How much did you pay for it? :)

  2. your hair was done so well, made me decide to go to jing monis...is there a name for this type of color treatment? so they have an idea of what i want... i super like it..

  3. Great work for hair style.. your article are really awesome article.. Gorgeous man, i am a big fan of you.. i am externally impress to see this wonderful site...Thanks!!


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