February 17, 2013

Hurrah For January 2013!

Hey hey! I made this post before we went to Japan and totally forgot about it. To be honest, January was not really my month. A lot of painful things happened. It was my most stressful month to date and I was so glad to be away to a foreign country, my dream vacation. Despite all the worries, I am thankful for a lot of things and events that happened last January like:

1. Our new place
-A nice escape from my suburban lifestyle in Alabang. Living in a busy city, minutes away from cafes and mall really gets me going.
-I needed additional winter clothes for Japan and boy was I glad that almost all my fave brands were on sale! I especially love the fact that Zara, Topshop, Mango and F21's winter clothes' price were 50-70% marked down! :)
3. Alone time
-I just love my alone time where I get to watch movies I like, read books, doodle and write. I dunno.
4. Great movies
-So many good movies last month like Anna Karenina, Life of Pi, Les Miserables etc. I also downloaded two of the The Addams Family movies and have been watching it over and over. I so love Wednesday, Gomez and Morticia!!!
5. Love form Tonette
-Mark and I recently visited Mark's former yaya, Tonette in Assumption College. We were so happy to see her! She's just one of the loveliest people I've met. She has shown me nothing but kindness and motherly love. I miss her now :(
6. my puppies!
-Those little paws and beady eyes will melt your heart. Watching them grow healthy and jolly gives me a sense of pride as a pet-parent. Having dogs is really therapeutic!
7. Bucket List 2013: Climb Another Mountain
-YES!!! Another conquered mountain with a breath taking view!!! Thank you, Epsilon Chi Fraternity and Chi Epsilon Sorority for this wonderful experience! 
Special thanks to Quincy for organizing this, to Joel for driving us and to Konix and Gibbo for assisting me!!! 

 8.My free hair make-over
-For my ombre make over story, you can visit my blogpost: MY OMBRE HAIR MAKE-OVER BY THE JING MONIS SALON
 9. Canyon Cove
-Beautiful beach, beautiful view, one tight yet pretty swimsuit. :)
10. Mark's Photoshoot/my make-up/stylist gig
-I haven't been practicing my make-up artistry and I've turned down a lot of gigs because of my busy schedule. When my sister asked me to groom Mark and be his stylist for this shoot, I couldn't say no. This has to be one of the most enjoyable shoots I've had! I still can't show any of Mark's super hot photos but when everything's up, I'll definitely post a LOT! hahaha! Thank you Tita Ian, Austin, Eunice and Pat for the opportunity to work with you guys! We make such a great team! Hope to work with you again very soon! :D
That's it for my January. Even though last month was rough, I am so thankful of all the people who supported me, helped me and were there to listen. I love you guys, you know who you are.

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