February 24, 2013

February Favorites: Japan Haul!

Kawaii, the Japanese term for "cute."  Kawaii definitely describes the theme for our February Favorites with all the baby pink, intricate Victorian-styled packaging  of the items we will feature in this post. Let's begin!
1. Studio Ghibli Museum sticker for my laptop - I've been looking for a nice decal for my laptop and I was so glad I found this one in Studio Ghibli Museum.
2. Totoro keychain - One of our pasalubongs for Margie. For some reason, Margie always points out that her boyfriend Austin resembles Totoro. Not sure if  that's sweet or not.
3. Studded pouch from Harajuku - I finally found the perfect combination of a dark, studded but very lightweight make-up pouch! I've been wanting to change my make-up pouch for two years now but has never found the "one" pouch for all my products.
4. CanCam Magazine - A gyaru's guide to fashion.
5. Popteen Magazine - Both magazine feature spring collections so I'll take some tips from these mags :)
6. 2 Studio Ghibli Photobook and Magazine - Since we can't really take pics inside the museum, we bought this as a souvenir. 
7. Anna Sui Forbidden Affair perfume - Mark's gift. I love the packaging and the scent.
8. 2 studded silk and suede bows from Harajuku - I just had to. Japan's the only place in the world where I could wear these without looking an idiot, so I used them everyday.
9. Etude House Lip and Eye Make Up Remover - Had to buy this since I was running out. All praises for this product. 
10. Shiseido night regimen from our hotel - Can you believe they gave us this set for free??? We had to take it home!
11. MAC face primer - I also got this for free! You go, MAC!
12. A toy I won inside an Onsen - Funny story I'll tell later.
13. Etude House Color My Brows - Wanted to try the gyaru make-up. Worked ok. 
14. Majolica Majorca mascara - To be honest, I just love this because of the cool packaging, it's ok as a mascara. 
15. MAC pressed powder - I think this is a shade darker but so far, it feels good on my skin. Let's see if I break out!
16. Perfect Nail nail stickers from Don Quixote, Shibuya - Reserving these for a special occasion. :)

The design is such a darling.
We also got a free map of the Ghibli Museum. Pretty cool!
Wish I could take home the iPhones we rented. White's mine.
Purikura overload. GAHHH. They made our eyes HUGE! Mark looks like a woman!
More like Hachiko's hair with Nana's outfit and Ren :D
Purikura with Sunshine :3
My desk in Kyoto. How adorable are the Pocky Valentine's Day packages?
 gifts :3

Muji Heart Chocolates :3
Food I will miss in Japan: cheap, yummy onigiri, Oreo Bits and my coffee jelly

and of course, my sushi breakfast.
That's it for our Feb Faves. I just came home from Clark for the Hot Air Balloon Festival and from Fairview, Quezon City for an afternoon of laughter with EpChi in Basti's baptism (Frankie's kid). More of that later. Hope you enjoyed a daily dose of kawaii.
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