February 25, 2013

85th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars 2013) Red Carpet Gowns

Just wanted to share the looks I absolutely adored and uhm abhorred during the Academy Awards. 
All pictures are from justjared.com where I get my updated pics. 
Click on the pics to enlarge. Enjoy!

 Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture
She looks stunning! I've been crushing on this chick ever since The Hunger Games movie and I even made a blog post containing some of her sexiest poses as a tribute to her raw, femininity.

Anne Hathaway in Prada light pink duchesse satin backless column gown.

I'm not loving this look to be honest. It looks cheap Anne, I'm really sorry. The dress looks like something you can buy in SM, cmon'! You were nominated and just won another Oscar and you show up in THIS?

Maria Menounos in Romona Keveza
VA-va-va-voom! Color kung color! I love this!!!
Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture
A bit boring but Charlize is hot so she was able to pull this look. And oh, THOSE  BICEPS.
Samantha Barks in Valentino
It's one of those looks that makes me want to have a "smaller" chest area. Elegantly put together Samantha. Bravo!

Alicia Vikander in Elie Saab Couture Gown 
The dress that made me do this blog post. What a stunning piece of art!!! Why can't anyone tell me who she's wearing? *Updated, thank you so much to our lovely reader, Anne for telling me about Alicia, Emma and Lily's who they are wearing! :D
Lily Collins in Zuhair Murad Couture
Not a big fan of the front so here's a pic of the back. Lily is so elegant here!

Olivia Munn in Marchesa
Reminds me of McQueen but hell, this is red hot.
Louise Roe in Monique Lhuillier
Still undecided. Deep down I like the gown very much but maybe not for her. A neater hairstyle perhaps?
Catherine Zeta-Jones in Zuhair Murad Coutoure
Ooh, I have a weakness for elaborate designs, from damask to Victorian vines and maybe art deco. I'm not sure this is the look I'm talking about but I like it. Not crazy about it but like it.
Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen
Another weakness of mine-a McQueen gown. The dragonfly design is really sweet but I'm not a big fan of the neckline. Dammit Amanda! Why did this have to be a McQueen?
 Jessica Chastain in Giorgio Armani
Old Hollywood glamour definitely hits the spot. Adore!
 Naomi Watts wearing Armani Prive dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, Roger Vivierbag, and Neil Lane jewels.
Gunmetal love! Just whoa!

Adele in Jenny Packham

Not a big fan of the dress but Adele looks good so yey.
Emma Roberts in Oscar de la Renta gown
I would wear this gown. I would wear this gown!
Sandra Bullock in Elie Saab
Sexy Sandra!
Halle Berry in Versace
Love it or hate it, people will talk about this look for weeks. A bit art deco-ish or maybe a bit 80s space queen, I dunno. UNDECIDED.
 Nicole Kidman is wearing a L’Wren Scott dress, shoes and bag with Fred Leightonjewels.
Nicole is such a big fashion risk-taker. I'm not feeling the "Naruto swirls" but she's gorgeous otherwise.

That's it. The gowns this year were not really anything special. Last year, I just sat in front of the TV, ogling all the stars in their frocks. Anyway, who were your faves this year? 
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February 24, 2013

February Favorites: Japan Haul!

Kawaii, the Japanese term for "cute."  Kawaii definitely describes the theme for our February Favorites with all the baby pink, intricate Victorian-styled packaging  of the items we will feature in this post. Let's begin!
1. Studio Ghibli Museum sticker for my laptop - I've been looking for a nice decal for my laptop and I was so glad I found this one in Studio Ghibli Museum.
2. Totoro keychain - One of our pasalubongs for Margie. For some reason, Margie always points out that her boyfriend Austin resembles Totoro. Not sure if  that's sweet or not.
3. Studded pouch from Harajuku - I finally found the perfect combination of a dark, studded but very lightweight make-up pouch! I've been wanting to change my make-up pouch for two years now but has never found the "one" pouch for all my products.
4. CanCam Magazine - A gyaru's guide to fashion.
5. Popteen Magazine - Both magazine feature spring collections so I'll take some tips from these mags :)
6. 2 Studio Ghibli Photobook and Magazine - Since we can't really take pics inside the museum, we bought this as a souvenir. 
7. Anna Sui Forbidden Affair perfume - Mark's gift. I love the packaging and the scent.
8. 2 studded silk and suede bows from Harajuku - I just had to. Japan's the only place in the world where I could wear these without looking an idiot, so I used them everyday.
9. Etude House Lip and Eye Make Up Remover - Had to buy this since I was running out. All praises for this product. 
10. Shiseido night regimen from our hotel - Can you believe they gave us this set for free??? We had to take it home!
11. MAC face primer - I also got this for free! You go, MAC!
12. A toy I won inside an Onsen - Funny story I'll tell later.
13. Etude House Color My Brows - Wanted to try the gyaru make-up. Worked ok. 
14. Majolica Majorca mascara - To be honest, I just love this because of the cool packaging, it's ok as a mascara. 
15. MAC pressed powder - I think this is a shade darker but so far, it feels good on my skin. Let's see if I break out!
16. Perfect Nail nail stickers from Don Quixote, Shibuya - Reserving these for a special occasion. :)

The design is such a darling.
We also got a free map of the Ghibli Museum. Pretty cool!
Wish I could take home the iPhones we rented. White's mine.
Purikura overload. GAHHH. They made our eyes HUGE! Mark looks like a woman!
More like Hachiko's hair with Nana's outfit and Ren :D
Purikura with Sunshine :3
My desk in Kyoto. How adorable are the Pocky Valentine's Day packages?
 gifts :3

Muji Heart Chocolates :3
Food I will miss in Japan: cheap, yummy onigiri, Oreo Bits and my coffee jelly

and of course, my sushi breakfast.
That's it for our Feb Faves. I just came home from Clark for the Hot Air Balloon Festival and from Fairview, Quezon City for an afternoon of laughter with EpChi in Basti's baptism (Frankie's kid). More of that later. Hope you enjoyed a daily dose of kawaii.
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February 20, 2013

Tokyo Valentine's Day 2013

This year is a very special Valentine's Day. We don't celebrate anniversaries or 'monthsaries' because we don't really have them. February 14th is our day to look back and celebrate our relationship and all we have accomplished together.
The astir streets of Tokyo, heaving with masses of people and lined with excess is not the most romantic of venues. Thankfully, Tokyo has its sacred escapes. The Ghibli Museum in Mitaka's 'Forest' was our first stop. The whimsical, stained glass, wood and maze-like setting of the Museum, birthed straight from the imagination of Miyazaki provides welcome respite. Whimsy and magic sourced from all things traditional - fairy tales and hand drawn animation - warmed our hearts. It has been Millie's desire of desires to see the Ghibli Museum - its films spanning the length of her childhood, adolescence and adulthood. It did not disappoint. The exhibits were at turns fascinating and potently sentimental, so much that mere zoetrope animation moved us to tears. 

Odaiba: A manmade island in Tokyo Harbor and the former vanguard of this city, now blessed with incredible views of Shiodome, Roppongi and Minato is the place that Tokyoites go to escape Tokyo. 
A perennial favourite for couples, Odaiba was a natural choice. With a faux statue of liberty, a life-sized Gundam, an artificial beach complete with non-stick sand and shopping malls constructed in the tradition of Southeast Asia, Odaiba is a playground that offers playfulness, kitsch and glimpses of Tokyo's beauty.
Oedo Onsen Monotagari is one of Odaiba's crown jewels - an Onsen or baths constructed in Tokugawa style, complete with a recreated Edo food street, matching Yukatas, ninja games, massage therapy, a sleep-inducing TV room and indoor/outdoor hotsprings of every temperature. Frequented almost entirely by locals and open 22 hours a day, the onsen is so reminiscent of Spirited Away, that it transcends kitsch and enters the realm of the surreal. Undeniably relaxing, you could stay at the Onsen the entire day.
Valentine's Day traditions run strong in Japan. Here, the tradition is for women to hand men chocolates. I was lucky to receive two sets; and luckier still for two much-needed sweaters from Millie to keep out the cold: a punk-rock leopard print one from H&M and a navy one from Harajuku, in the preppy, colorful style worn by most young men and boys in Tokyo right now.
My first set of chocolates, packaged in the detailed and masterful style that only the Japanese can muster is a delight. My second set reflects the converse undercurrent of Japanese aesthetics: austerity and simple elegance in packaging, with rich dark chocolate and strawberry hearts from Muji Sweets.
Set after the traditional 'start' of Spring in Japan: Setsubun, the green tea matcha, white strawberry and prailine goodies evoke a circus in spring, with anthropomorhic animals to remind me of Mello, Iggy and the Pups. Delicious for the eyes and the tastebuds.
 Flowers are traditional, but a floral scent from Anna Sui adds so much more. Matched with a mint-green dress exclusive from Harajuku, Japan supplied us with Valentine's Day gifts more delicate and lasting than a fleeting rose.
A Valentine's Day to remember, filled with magic and wonder that only Tokyo can provide. But, hopefully only one of many more days like this.

We hope you also had a great Valentine's Day!
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February 17, 2013

Hurrah For January 2013!

Hey hey! I made this post before we went to Japan and totally forgot about it. To be honest, January was not really my month. A lot of painful things happened. It was my most stressful month to date and I was so glad to be away to a foreign country, my dream vacation. Despite all the worries, I am thankful for a lot of things and events that happened last January like:

1. Our new place
-A nice escape from my suburban lifestyle in Alabang. Living in a busy city, minutes away from cafes and mall really gets me going.
-I needed additional winter clothes for Japan and boy was I glad that almost all my fave brands were on sale! I especially love the fact that Zara, Topshop, Mango and F21's winter clothes' price were 50-70% marked down! :)
3. Alone time
-I just love my alone time where I get to watch movies I like, read books, doodle and write. I dunno.
4. Great movies
-So many good movies last month like Anna Karenina, Life of Pi, Les Miserables etc. I also downloaded two of the The Addams Family movies and have been watching it over and over. I so love Wednesday, Gomez and Morticia!!!
5. Love form Tonette
-Mark and I recently visited Mark's former yaya, Tonette in Assumption College. We were so happy to see her! She's just one of the loveliest people I've met. She has shown me nothing but kindness and motherly love. I miss her now :(
6. my puppies!
-Those little paws and beady eyes will melt your heart. Watching them grow healthy and jolly gives me a sense of pride as a pet-parent. Having dogs is really therapeutic!
7. Bucket List 2013: Climb Another Mountain
-YES!!! Another conquered mountain with a breath taking view!!! Thank you, Epsilon Chi Fraternity and Chi Epsilon Sorority for this wonderful experience! 
Special thanks to Quincy for organizing this, to Joel for driving us and to Konix and Gibbo for assisting me!!! 

 8.My free hair make-over
-For my ombre make over story, you can visit my blogpost: MY OMBRE HAIR MAKE-OVER BY THE JING MONIS SALON
 9. Canyon Cove
-Beautiful beach, beautiful view, one tight yet pretty swimsuit. :)
10. Mark's Photoshoot/my make-up/stylist gig
-I haven't been practicing my make-up artistry and I've turned down a lot of gigs because of my busy schedule. When my sister asked me to groom Mark and be his stylist for this shoot, I couldn't say no. This has to be one of the most enjoyable shoots I've had! I still can't show any of Mark's super hot photos but when everything's up, I'll definitely post a LOT! hahaha! Thank you Tita Ian, Austin, Eunice and Pat for the opportunity to work with you guys! We make such a great team! Hope to work with you again very soon! :D
That's it for my January. Even though last month was rough, I am so thankful of all the people who supported me, helped me and were there to listen. I love you guys, you know who you are.

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