January 28, 2013

The Little Prince Hardbound Notebook

Look what I found! The cutest little notebook, Le Petit Prince Hardbound NB.
It's handy and convenient. 

Lots of space to doodle.
This is not really an organizer but if you like listing things, this is a nice notebook for you.

Neon pens for this space, perhaps?

What: Le Petit Prince Hardbound Notebook
Where: Powerbooks, Greenbelt
How much: P95 only!!!

I have this habit of collecting cute notebooks ever since I was in primary school. I specifically have a whole bag of unused notebooks, stickers and stationaries from 1997(!) in a closet. I think most Filipinas went through a phase of collecting scented papers, stickers and kisses that multiply despite not having any organs. For me, I collected anime stickers and notebooks. I don't know why but the scent of new paper sheets gave me such delight (addict much?). Once in a while, I still buy unique notebooks just for fun, so when I saw this Le Petit Prince NB, I just had to have it. Mark insisted that I get the moleskin planner version, but my friend Joel already gave me a Starbucks planner so it would be a waste not to use it. Also, baka magtampo ang kuya mo. Hahaha. 
I don't know if I'll be using this notebook anytime soon. It's too cute to write on, don't you get that feeling sometimes?
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