January 13, 2013

Just Stop.


Please do not copy/paste/paraphrase our reviews, may it be from the Travel, Beauty, Food or Lifestyle section. We know some of you may be "inspired" by our content or blog format but please, at least acknowledge it in your blog.
Mark and I work so hard to give you our best travel tips and guides. We actually stay in, visit, assess and carefully check/edit every photo taken, price, hotel and we really spend hours formulating the best itinerary for our readers.
We wish to offer the best kept secrets of every travel destination. By all means share them! But do NOT reproduce/paraphrase them in your blog. For example, in our Singapore Guide, going to Ku Dé Ta Bar instead of the tawdry and expensive Observation Deck in the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is not a well-known strategy. That tip isn't in any guidebook; it was shared with us by Mark's boss in Sydney as a way to escape the Observation Deck's ticket price. Getting a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar in the Raffles? It's not the sort of thing that's on a Zouk-visiting, twenty something's radar. Mark can be a real oldie - as a great gin and history lover, he's always wanted to have the original Singapore Sling in its birthplace, amidst the peanut shells and polished decor.
As for our Beauty section, I really try to find the best/cheapest make-up and best skin care products for women on a budget, by spending my own money to try and test the products for our readers. Please do not copy, paste our pictures and our reviews. I know a lot of bloggers have reviewed the same products that I write about, but some of the points I put in my blog are based on my personal experience and my skin's condition during the time I wrote the review.   
Finally, we would like to thank everyone who greatly appreciated our 'Thy Womb' Review. We are very passionate about that issue. Please do not use it for your paper in school/work etc. without citing this blog. If you would like to repost the Review, make sure you credit our blog and provide a link to acknowledge the original author.
We've been very patient with you and one more misstep and we'll definitely post your blogs/websites here to call your attention. We may also report your blog/website if necessary. We also don't want to burn some bridges in the process.

We're not saying that we are completely original but we really try our best to provide you with our take on events, products and people. We are also trying to come up with new ideas for content once in a while. 
Thank you for visiting our blog and for your understanding. We're just really fed up and this is getting really annoying for us, especially when some of our friends and readers send your blog links.

Mark and Millie


  1. Agree! Kung sino man sila, DO.NOT.PLAGIARIZE., make your own escapades and reviews. Masaya mag explore sa ibat ibang places, hindi mag copy/paste ng ibang gawa.


    1. Aaawww! Thank you, A.G.!!! Ang sweet mo naman.. huhuhu tama! Make your own escapades and reviews!! Big hug from us!! :)


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