January 29, 2013

For Winter: Packing Tips Part 2

Hello there! I can't believe I'll be going to Japan this Saturday! Gosh. I'm a bit nervous about the cold and excited at the same time. 
Believe it or not, it sometimes takes me days to pack for a long trip because I just can't finish everything in one sitting. Sometimes, my mind just go blank and I end up staring at my closet, waiting for it to magically toss me things I need for my destination. This trip to Japan is particularly tricky since I'll be visiting a country during winter and with snow to top it off! I went to Europe during autumn and Mark assured me that if I was able to survive the Alphs and Switzerland, I'll survive Japan. I've never experienced full-blown winter before, with snow and all, so I'm a bit worried about how I'm gonna dress up for it. Therefore, I'm going to make a short list/tips to serve as a guide for me and women like me who are a bit lost when it comes to packing for winter. :)
Note: We have 30kg baggage allowance so I'm able to bring a lot for this trip. You can always reduce the number of clothes or shoes you're gonna bring but don't forget the essentials!
1. Pack thick cardigans, shirts, dresses, skirts, leggings and pants
2.  Bring your winter accessories/essentials: gloves, scarves, hats, socks, stockings, thermal undergarment etc.

3. Faux Fur scarves and jacket. As an animal lover, I WILL NEVER, EVER BUY REAL FUR. EVERRRR. 
4. If you're staying in the country for more than a week like for my trip this Feb, pack lots of undies and bras. I prefer bringing lacey lingerie/g-strings as they are lightweight, space savers and easy to wash during trips. That's just me.
5. 2nd layer: Lots of knitwear and wool socks, wool cardigans, wool jackets, wool scarves etc.
6. 3rd layer: Leather jackets, faux fur jackets, parkas etc.
7. Leather boots for the snow, velvet boots or any comfortable footwear
8. Beauty regimen essentials, make-up, medicine etc.
9. Laptop, external drive, video cam, camera, chargers etc.
10. Put 'em all in a trusty luggage. 
11. Passport or maybe a travel diary and of course CASH!
12. Separate what you'll wear at the airport. Anticipate the cold and wear a wool cardigan, pants, scarf, leather boots and maybe your hat--some of the big, chunky pieces that would take up so much space in your luggage.

I hope these tips/list helped. If you want more packing tips, you can check out the first part: Hello Europe and Packing Tips Part 1

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  1. Please, take me under your wing and teach me how to pack like this. >.< I'm a lady, yet I pack and travel like a man. -Kris

    1. Hello Kris! Hahaha I'll gladly help you anytime. Thank you for reading this post! :)

  2. it's amazing how you got everything packed in there! i thought you would've had no space after photo no. 5 LOL

    1. Thank you! I wasn't able to fit the boots and my parka though. Had to put them in another bag hahahaha! :D


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