December 04, 2012

On Desperate Housewives and Easy Money

Due to Mark's insistence, I attended a Zumba class whilst he did his usual workout at Fitness First here in Alabang. As I was dressing up in the locker room after class, I overheard a lot of hot gossip. To my left were "desperate housewives" teaching another woman how to cheat on her OFW husband. I presumed these "housewives" had nothing else to do since most career-oriented women go to the gym after office hours. Maybe some of these women had businesses allowing them to have flexi time, but from what I heard, they were all talking about cosmetic surgery, boylets, shopping and the many ways they spent their OFW/foreign husbands' moolah. After FF, Mark and I went to ATC and met with Margaret and her bf Austin. I accompanied Margie to Let's Face It for her wax. As I was waiting for her, I sat down a crowded couch and overheard another conversation beside me. A woman was complaining to her friend about her foreign husband cheating on her. She said that she regretted not having a career and depending on her husband for everything. She said she was too busy with her glutathione injections, shopping and taking care of her daughter that she was not able to save for herself. Now that her husband ran off with another Filipina, she's been depending on her recent boylet to support her. 

I don't know about you, but I think there is something very wrong with these women, particularly Filipinos nowadays who rely too much on a culture of "easy money." I think we need better education so that we foster ambition amongst young people. We also need to stop obnoxious TV shows that have a negative impact on our culture. Unfortunately, our media promotes the "easy money" mentality and that being "white" and pretty will get you a rich husband/foreigner that will save you and your family from poverty. 

My mother would always tell us to never, ever depend on our future husbands for money and that we should build a career so that whatever happens, we can always support ourselves and live independently.


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