December 28, 2012

My Room: Damask In Bloom Part 2

After almost 6 years of not really sleeping/staying in my room, I decided to give it a bit of 'face lift' last August-October.
I kept on changing the looks of little corners, constantly adding and removing things.
These pictures were taken last September and this post has been in my drafts ever since, as evidenced by a pic of my old laptop.
There is something special about this line. I dunno. It always makes me happy whenever I hum it or see it.
You will see the progress of my desk in these pics.
The Rukawa pencil holder is from my very close friend back in high school, Carla Chua. The angel figurine came from a very special foreign friend, the picture frame and card are from Mark and the cross with rosary came from Tita Glo, a family friend and my mother's mentor who passed away. Eiffel Tower figurine is from Paris.
Tumbler's from HK. Some books I enjoyed, make up brushes and make up palettes.
Some bangles and earrings.
Personal make-up kit and some books.
my dresser before!

Some unused art materials. If you're a big anime fan/otaku, you'll know what Copic Sketch Markers are for. I've been dying to have them since I was a child. Mark bought them for me in twos or threes from Sydney and Singapore as pasalubong. Now, he brings home lipsticks...ahhh times have changed.
More to keep! Porcelian doll is from my mother and vintage Ray-Ban's from my dad. 

I am now publishing some of my backlogs, starting from my Camiguin trip. I should've posted this last September but got lost in my drafts. My first attempt to renovate my room can be seen at:
Hope this inspires you to decorate and clean your room for the new year!
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