December 16, 2012

10 Things To Do In Camiguin

Travel date: April 1-3, 2012 (3 days and 2 nights-more than enough. You can tour the whole island in one day!)
Airline used: Cebu Pacific
Budget for Camiguin: around P20,000+ per person (airfare, accommodation, food, shopping, transpo)

We came to Camiguin not knowing anything about the place. It has been years since my mother went there and she really couldn't recall most of the sites. My dad has been wanting to visit the island so I did most of the research for the whole family and booked us for 3 days. My mother recommended that 3 days in Camiguin is more than enough as it is a small island.

 1. Have a lovely ferry ride to Camiguin Island 
We booked Cebu Pacific Air from Manila to Cagayan De Oro as there is no direct flight from Manila to Camiguin (as of this writing). After a taxi ride from CDO airport (we paid around P2,500 I think), we rode a ferry going to Benoni Port on Camiguin Island. The ferry ride took around 2 hours but was very pleasant and we really enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the region. 

2. Enjoy the beach
From Benoni Port, we were fetched by a multicab provided by our resort, Camiguin Island Golden Sunset Beach Club in the municipality of Mambajao. After a very tiring day, we settled in our rooms facing the sea and proceeded to frolick around the area.
            view from our room

We brought my best friend, Gail with us :)

mum and dad enjoying the beach
The next day, we toured around Camiguin Island. . .
3.  Have your picture taken in front of the magnificent Mt. Hibok Hibok
 4. Climb the Walkway to The Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross

5.  Explore the famous Sunken Cemetery

I really wouldn't have minded swimming around the area since the water was very clear and warm, it was just that, the idea of a cementery under these waters freaked me out. The place was so beautiful and inviting though!

6. Meditate in Guiob Old Church Ruins

 7. Drink Buko Juice at Sto. Niño Cold Spring

They were not kidding when they said it was a cold spring!!! We couldn't even swim as it was to chilly for us.
 8. Have a quick dip in the scenic Katibawasan Falls

 9. Relax in the heavenly Ardent Hot Springs while having Camiguin's Famous Pastel

We really took our time here. This is just a magnificent place!
This is gorgeous!!! Could've mistaken it for an imperial bath in Cambodia!
The water gets really hot as you go further up the stream.

 10. Soak in the wonders of Camiguin on the sands of White Beach

White Island is an unhibited white sandbar located off the Northern shore of Mambajao.
We were lucky that White Island was 5 minutes away from our resort. We can actually see it from our room.

Camiguin is a beautiful island in Mindanao. It can be exhausting getting there but the scenic beauty of the place is worth it. We're lucky to have island escapes filled with natural wonders and adventures right at our doorstep. 

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