November 08, 2012

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

 I just absolutely adore Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows. I think it's THE fashion show I am really excited about every year aside from Anna Sui's and McQueen's. My Youtube account has a playlist of all the VS shows available online and sometimes, when I'm feeling down or I want to be inspired, I just watch them or play them while dressing up and doing my make-up. Watching Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows really motivates me to take care of my body, be fit and have a healthier lifestyle. It doesn't hurt that they also inspire me to collect and wear sexy lingerie, much to my boyfriend's delight. Teehee. 
Here are some of my faves for this show and of course, let's start with my favorite model/angel since 2007, Miranda Kerr :)
Yes, she had a baby. Yes, life is unfair.

 Loooovvee this outfit!!
 This is hot!!
 Can we say kawaii?!!

And this!! Could've been Anna Sui's no? 

 Love the colours!
 ohem. This is wild!!
 I'm gaga for this. I'd actually wear this to any cosplay event!

 Love the cover up!
I say, damn!! I love the colour!!


I want these!!!
 and the 2.5 million dollar bra goes to...Alessandra Ambrosio!!
I like the whole Circus and a bit of Alice in Wonderland theme for this year but not really a fan of Bieber being on stage but hey, nothing's perfect except Miranda. Hahaha! Pics are from, and
Until next show!

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 Loving: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
=(: I'm sick again. Ano ba yan.

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