November 11, 2012

Quickie Updates!!!

 1. Mark finally convinced me to have a twitter account!!! Follow me @milliemorales03
2. Make-up of the day: Dark eyes and dark lips c/o MAC Rebel.
Eyes: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, MAC waterproof eyeliner and MAC Rebel for the lips. If you like this lippie, here is my review for MAC Rebel
3. Mark's booked!!!! I'm sooooo egzayted!!!  He was scheduled to fly here on Nov 22 but he received another internship offer from a very respectable law firm in Sydney. It's his "hell week" this week and the next. He'll be having exams starting the 14th until the 21st. After that, he'll have his first internship in Sydney for almost two weeks. Then right after the last day of his internship, he will finally fly here in Manila for some much deserved rest and lovin' for a month. Then another internship on January in Makati and a winter class on Feb in OMFG/landofhappiness. :D
4. I recently came home from Davao/Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Will post more about it soon :) For the meantime, here are my posts about Pearl Farm and Davao from my trips since 2010 and last March:
15 Things To Do In Davao
Pearl Farm Photo Diary
Davao 2010 Photo Diary
5. So I recently transferred all of my Lana Del Rey songs to my new laptop. Yep. I downloaded ALL her songs last December-February and used it as my main theme for our travels around Asia back in Jan-Feb 2012. 
and more....
and mooooooreee....
Here are some of my Lana Del Rey posts, click:

5.I'm soooo excited for the movie WARM BODIES. I absolutely adore zombie films after Mark gave me 28 Days Later back in 2007/2008 I think? Anyway, this film is just adorably dark, not to mention the lead is kind of hot. Hahahaha.

That's just a very quick update of what's been happening. My TOEFL exam was cancelled last Saturday and I'm just so anxious to get it over and done with. To be honest, I hate exams but hey, if it's for my future, I can't complain right? Right. Lots and lots of exciting things for November-December!!!That's all for now!

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Listening to: Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey
Loving: Mark
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