November 22, 2012

November 2012 Mood Board

Classic, vintage pieces, feminine figures, dresses, pink roses, Lana Del Rey, romanticism, sarcasm, Keira Knightley, Anna Karenina and adorable pups: My November 2012. I haven't done a mood board in a while so thought I'd update this.  I've been busy with business meetings lately for some friends and family, a little bit of business ventures with some friends, working on our marketing plan for IOSA, some lesson plans since I will be teaching 2 courses this semester and of course my exams for my scholarship applications. Mark and I have been busy condo-hunting in Makati near the Solicitor General's office in Makati, preparing visa applications for school and leisure. To relax, I watch my usual TWD, BBT, MF, Family Guy and uhm...2NE1 TV. Don't judge! I will confess that I've been watching 2NE1 TV until 3AM. I don't know why but I find Park Bom extremely cute. I can't imagine it's almost December. November flew by SOOOO FAST. Really! 

Anyhoo, here's my playlist that helped me get through the past 2 months:

Lana Del Rey:
1. Dark Paradise
2. Radio
3. Million Dollar Man
4. Summertime Sadness
5. National Anthem
6. This is What Makes Us Girls
7. Without You--->my ultimate LSS
8.  Lolita
9. Blue Velvet

1. Let It Be by Blackmill feat Veela
2. Distractions by Zero 7
3. Change by Deftones (Emma's Imagination cover)
4. Roads by Portishead (Roseland NYC concert)
5. Prety Face by Soley
6. Turn It Well by Up Dharma Down

1. Glamorous Sky- Hyde's version
2. ⅓の純情な感情 (2011) by Siam Shade
3. That XX by G-Dragon
4. One of A Kind by G-Dragon
5. I Love You by 2NE1

Everyone's trying to finish everything before Christmas. Take it easy yo!

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