November 19, 2012

My Top Ten Food Faves

Hey there, teddy bear! As I was browsing through some of my pics while transferring files to my new laptop, I realized that Mark and I have taken quite a number of food photos throughout our travels that I haven't shared. 
Before anything else, here's a picture of Mark and Lee Min Ho. Don't you just think they were separated at birth????
A picture of my two fave things in the world: LEE MIN HO AND ADOBO!!! SO MUCH WIN!!!!

Moving on! I just wanted to post some food that I love, tease your eyes and test your discipline. Bwahahaha! The food you are about to see doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, the most delicious meals are often priceless, especially the ones cooked by our loved ones.

Anyway, here are my Top Ten Food Faves!

1. Go Green, Go Clean
It's just a magical combination when food is delicious, yet healthy at the same time. It's as if someone gave us a free pass to eat as much as we want without the guilty feeling of giving our heart or liver a hard time.

A wave of organic and locally produced food has swept Hong Kong, led by Naturo+. Their lunch set menus can't be beat for local, organic Chinese vegetables, Ube mash, crispy slow roasted pork and a pumpkin miso soup. And that's not even counting dessert! It's all completely natural and green.
Traditional Lao dishes are so delectable; most of their dishes incorporate alot of veggies and organic spices to create their signature taste. Some of the Laos prefer steaming their meat rather than frying to create that perfect combination of tasty and healthy meals that our bodies will thank us for. 
Dishes are from Three Nagas in Luang Prabang, Laos.
2. Breakfast in Bed
Who doesn't like a good breakfast? Sometimes, a good breakfast sets our mood in the morning and brightens our day. I rarely have breakfast nowadays because I wake up really late but when I do, I prefer my hot bread, butter, bacon and sunny side ups. If they're not available, I usually go for my usual Tapsilog. 
Breakfast in Cambodia
Bacon and eggs, oats and traditional Lao fried rice--our breakfast in Laos
Warm homemade bread and homemade butter = homey breakfast.
 3. Going Japanese

I prefer Japanese food over any other foreign cuisine, okay Italian and French come next, but I think Japanese dishes are yummier and way healthier.

My favorite onigiri okaka and salmon onigiri with tsukune from Nan Ban Tei
Our fave tsukune (japanese chicken balls) and grilled tofu from Nan Ban Tei
We love all kinds of sushi especially Maguro and of course, maki. Scorpion Maki from Red Kimono
 4. My Comfort Food
These are my go-tos when I'm sick. I really like anything with tomato sauce or has a tomato base, they really make me feel better.
Ratatouille from Cafe Mediterranean 
Chili Con Carne from Grams Diner
 5. One Step Closer To Heaven
These are the meals that are so good, they make you feel like you're on cloud 9, yet they are so bad and unhealthy that they'll take you one step closer to heaven. :p
BBQ Pork Ribs from Ranchero, Davao City. This is one of the best ribs I've ever had! Too bad they only have to branches, one in General Santos and one in Davao.
Pork ribs from Racks. I LOVE BBQ RIBS!!! Who doesn't??
Barbecued lamb on pumpkin sage rosini from Antonio's Tagaytay
I forgot the name of this dish but it tasted like lechon on cranberry sauce and mashed potato from Chelsea Market and Cafe
Barbecue chicken from Vivere Sky Lounge
 6. Snack Attack
I don't usually eat heavy snack but once in a while, especially when I'm super busy and tired, I just let myself devour these delicacies.
Chicken Kebab from Cafe Med
Open Faced Chicken/Turkey form Almon Marina
Seafood Pasta from Aha Bar and Restaurant from Cambodia
Creamy Tuna Penne by my friend Joel

Chicken Satay from Singapore
I think this is Figaro's Chicken pesto panini or something
Another specialty from Aha Bar and Restaurant. I think this is Salmon?
 7. Dessert Please!
I'm a big fan of anything with jelly, watermelon, pearls/sago, molten chocolate and just a tiny bit of ice cream. Not really a cake/pastry enthusiast.
Watermelon and jelly from Singapore
Molten chocolate cake a la mode

Chocolate cake/fudge a la mode with cranberry syrup from Aha, Cambodia
My favorite  dessert of all time: Coffee Jelly from Nan Ban Tei
 8. Adobo
Adobo is very special to me. It has been my goal to taste all kinds/types of adobo from all over the world. This is a very personal journey. Hahaha.
Pork Adobo from Acacia Hotel Manila.
9. It's More Fun In The Philippines
And of course, nothing beats my all-time faves: Pinoy dishes.
Tokwa't Baboy by my friend Joel
I loooove Filipino food!!! Image from
I love any silog meals but I love Tapsilog best. Image from
10. Pandesal
Last but definitely not the least. Umaga, gabi, may palaman o wala. LOL
Hahahahahaha I kid! I hope you enjoyed this food porn. I got really hungry making this blogpost. Christmas is coming and we all know it's that time of the year when we intentionally turn a blind eye to any of our diet plans. Hell, eat and be merry!!!

If you want to know more about good places to eat, check out our FOOD SECTION for restaurant and food reviews
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