November 05, 2012

My Shoe Collection Update PART 4

The latest addition to my shoe collection! :)

Primadonna ballet wedges. This was a gift from my friend, Joel! Thank you sooo much! :) 
Super cute wedges from Liliw for only P320! I have a friend/classmate in our UP Manager's Course who owns, not just a store, but the whole manufacturing plant for Liliw shoes! She and her husband were originally from Marikina and made shoes for a living. They then decided to take Marikina's shoe-making technology and started their own business in Liliw and are now very successful! They're sooooo amazing!

This is very comfy and sturdy! Proudly made in the Philippines!
Look look look what arrived from the post!!! Another one of Mark's surprise gifts!!! :D
Melissa for Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Heart II Pumpsls
I told Mark that there are actually a lot of cheaper knockoffs of Melissa shoes at the mall but he said, he didn't care and that he wanted me to have the original. He's just too sweet! I can't wait for him to come back and wear these with him! :D
So many ways to wear it! I love the whole retro, almost vintage feel of the design. Perfect for my dresses! By the way, a good indication of original Melissa shoes is the fragrant smell of the rubber/plastic shoes. Yes, they kind of smell like scented candles for some reason. Just a tip! :)

Anyway, here are the links of my shoe collection since 2010:

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  1. Hello :) stumbled upon your blog while looking for shoe manufacturers in liliw. Do you know how I can contact your classmate who owns a shoe manufacturing business in liliw? Than-

    1. Hello Tria! Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately, I already lost her contact details. I tried looking for her in our groups pero di ata siya nagFFB. Ayun.. Don't worry, I'll email you pag nahanap ko siya :D


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