November 27, 2012

Dekonstrukt Photoshoot

Photos were taken from Christine Day Lorico's facebook.

Photography Christine Day Lorico
Styling Mikaela Pozon
Hair and Make Up Millie Morales
Model Ford Supermodel of the World Runner Up Manuela Marie Basilio

dresses by DIMPLE LIM
shoes by GOLD DOT
purple &yellow neckpiece & bracelet PJ VALENCIANO
black boots, bag & gold bangles from Millie Morales
Location: The Collective

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November 24, 2012

On People: The Mistress Part 2

Mistresses. Reviled and desired. Glamorized and demonized. Spent and spared. This is the Philippines: that religious country that doesn't allow divorce, but with a long tradition of queridas. After centuries of infidelity, we've heard the pathetic excuses of husbands and spurned wives in the querida-crazed genre of films such as 'The Mistress,' 'No Other Woman' and 'A Secret Affair.' But is it really all sports cars, jewellery and summer homes? We go deeper behind the glamour and the media-friendly imagery to seek out the truth. We talk to the real 'mistresses' of Manila. What motivates them? Why do they exist? And why do it? Join us for an intimate peek behind the scarlet curtain drawn across everyone's private life in this two-part series.

Today we sit down for a chat with Cynthia (not her real name) who has been a mistress for 26 years and counting.

Tell us something about yourself.
I'm a mother of 2 and I love my children the most in the world. I'm currently a housewife and a businesswoman.

Tell us a weird quirk of yours. 
I like washing my hands a lot and I collect hand sanitizers.

How did you start becoming involved with married men?
It all happened suddenly and unexpectedly. He was my boss in my former company. He was rich, charming and a smooth talker. You can say he was a bit of a flirt. He had a way with words, as if charming women were his job. He was always nice to his employees. I was attracted to him and maybe I flirted with him as well. The thrill of an affair especially in the office excited me and I saw my boss as a prize. We both gave in and started dating outside the office.

What type of men do you usually go out with?
 I like men who are "malambing" or affectionate, smart, witty and someone who loves to laugh. It also doesn't hurt that he is
 a good provider.

Why married men?

I never really expected to end up with a married man. At the start of our relationship, I knew it was just the thrill but then, I got used to being pampered. You see, married men are very experienced when it comes to handling women. They are more forward with what they want and they are very decisive. I don't think anyone grew up wanting to be with a married man but it's different when you get older. Sometimes, when life brings you down and you're desperate, you want someone who is financially and emotionally stable for support. Most of the married men I've encountered were good providers but my partner was of course, the best out of all of them.

Tell us about your typical day as a mistress.
Hmmm... When we were just starting, we always had stolen moments. We'd meet after office hours and we'd stay in hotels far from our respective areas. Sometimes, during weekends, we would go to provinces, stay in hotels and resorts. No one had cellphones at that time so we were able to keep our privacy. Sometimes, he'd tell his wife he's on a business trip. I don't know all the excuses he was able to come up. There came a point when I stopped asking since it started hurting the more I know. Still, there was this urge to know everything about his family, his wife, their schedule, how he treats her etc. I've met his wife before but when our relationship started, I tried not to see her when she visited the office. Back then, when we went to the provinces, it was as if he was relieving his teenage years with me. He's a lot older you see. Everything changed when I got pregnant with our son. I told him, I wanted a house to raise our child and a family of my own. I told him to leave his wife but he could not. This will be too long if I tell everything but today, I have 2 children and so far, he still supports us every month. He gives all of us our allowances but I rarely see him now. I used to be a housewife, I still am, but now, I've started a business.

How would you describe your style in handling married men?
When he's tired, I comfort him. I try not to nag him as much as possible. When we see each other, I try to make him feel better and I try to remove all his worries. His wife is very controlling and always jealous. He doesn't like that, so I try not to be like her.

What's the best thing about being a mistress?
I really don't know. There will always be a nagging feeling that I'm just second and he's not mine. I don't know, but when we were younger, he really treated me like a queen. He gave me a lot of jewellry, designer bags, clothes and gifts. The biggest gift I received from him was our house and our car.

Who or what inspires you and why?
My children inspire me everyday. They are my life.

What kind of lover are you?
I am very good with what I do.

What were the challenging things or situations you faced during your relationships with married men?
Time management was a big issue for us when we were starting. Since he's a busier person, he had a difficult time giving me more attention. Of course there's the fear of being caught and the scandal it might have brought. Some of my closest friends know about us and I think some of our officemates suspected something. I also had a hard time when he moved to the States with his family. I really felt that he would run away from us and abandon our children. After 2 months without communication, he came back and reassured us that he would support us. Recently, the wife learned about our relationship so he's having a hard time sending us our allowances. That's when I thought of starting my business.

Did you feel guilty?
Yes, but there came a time when I thought I was the more deserving partner. But the guilt will stay with you forever. You'll get used to it.

Were you happy?
Seeing my children grow up well makes me happy.

How did you hide your relationship?
We were very careful. We never showed our relationship in the office even though there were times when we would sneak out. We would not leave the office together but would meet a jeepney ride away from the office. We had our special place and he'd pick me up from there, then we would go to another city to eat or proceed to a hotel if he's in a hurry. Sometimes, he'll leave me in the hotel to spend the night while he goes back home but sometimes he would stay. To hide our relationship, I've had several boyfriends in between the relationship with my partner, especially when he moved abroad. My boyfriends knew about him but he doesn't know about them. Sometimes, when I meet old acquaintances especially from our old company, I tell them my current boyfriend is the father of my children. I still can't tell them about my partner.

What was the best thing that ever happened to you as a mistress?

I was able to go to a lot of places, own beautiful expensive things, have my own house and I became more or less, financially stable.

What was the most memorable moment you have had as a mistress?

When our children were born.

Based from your experience, why do you think husbands cheat on their wives?
There could be a lot of reasons. Sometimes, the wife is very controlling, insecure and a nagger. Sometimes, the man was just forced to marry the girl because she got pregnant and he gave in to pressures from their families and society. Oftentimes, the wife stopped taking care of her appearance and herself so she became less presentable to his crowd. I'm not that sure. Sometimes, the husband just needed to find someone to have a more exciting sexual life. Rich men are more likely to cheat since they have the money and are capable of sustaining their other wives. 

Describe the married men you've cheated with, both positive and negative aspects of them.
I've only had one married man and he's my current partner. He is very sweet, affectionate, generous and hardworking. My problem with him is his temper. He can get really angry and just burst under pressure. I also had a problem with him looking at other women. I think he has other girlfriends but I try not to think of it.

What can you say about married couples in the Philippines?
Some of them are based on lies and I know a lot of sad women who wanted to leave their husbands. A lot of husbands, on the other hand, usually cheat on their wives. I think divorce should be legal in this country. There are a lot of unhappy couples.

What message do you have for mistresses?
You are all old enough to know what you're doing. If you can still get away from the relationship, please do. It's not a road I would recommend.

What message do you have for wives who have been cheated or is being cheated on?

Leave him. Chances are, he'll never change no matter what he says. If you're unhappy and are capable of sustaining yourself, then do not prolong your suffering and just leave. Find someone who will love you wholeheartedly.

What message do you have for cheating husbands?

Treat women better. You are hurting everyone especially the children. Think of your actions and the consequences. You are ruining the lives of your loved ones. If you have fallen out of love or if you are miserable then leave the marriage instead of cheating on your wife. At least give her a chance to find true happiness.
-end of interview-

You can read the firs part of this series here:
On People: The Mistress Part 1

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November 22, 2012

November 2012 Mood Board

Classic, vintage pieces, feminine figures, dresses, pink roses, Lana Del Rey, romanticism, sarcasm, Keira Knightley, Anna Karenina and adorable pups: My November 2012. I haven't done a mood board in a while so thought I'd update this.  I've been busy with business meetings lately for some friends and family, a little bit of business ventures with some friends, working on our marketing plan for IOSA, some lesson plans since I will be teaching 2 courses this semester and of course my exams for my scholarship applications. Mark and I have been busy condo-hunting in Makati near the Solicitor General's office in Makati, preparing visa applications for school and leisure. To relax, I watch my usual TWD, BBT, MF, Family Guy and uhm...2NE1 TV. Don't judge! I will confess that I've been watching 2NE1 TV until 3AM. I don't know why but I find Park Bom extremely cute. I can't imagine it's almost December. November flew by SOOOO FAST. Really! 

Anyhoo, here's my playlist that helped me get through the past 2 months:

Lana Del Rey:
1. Dark Paradise
2. Radio
3. Million Dollar Man
4. Summertime Sadness
5. National Anthem
6. This is What Makes Us Girls
7. Without You--->my ultimate LSS
8.  Lolita
9. Blue Velvet

1. Let It Be by Blackmill feat Veela
2. Distractions by Zero 7
3. Change by Deftones (Emma's Imagination cover)
4. Roads by Portishead (Roseland NYC concert)
5. Prety Face by Soley
6. Turn It Well by Up Dharma Down

1. Glamorous Sky- Hyde's version
2. ⅓の純情な感情 (2011) by Siam Shade
3. That XX by G-Dragon
4. One of A Kind by G-Dragon
5. I Love You by 2NE1

Everyone's trying to finish everything before Christmas. Take it easy yo!

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November 19, 2012

My Top Ten Food Faves

Hey there, teddy bear! As I was browsing through some of my pics while transferring files to my new laptop, I realized that Mark and I have taken quite a number of food photos throughout our travels that I haven't shared. 
Before anything else, here's a picture of Mark and Lee Min Ho. Don't you just think they were separated at birth????
A picture of my two fave things in the world: LEE MIN HO AND ADOBO!!! SO MUCH WIN!!!!

Moving on! I just wanted to post some food that I love, tease your eyes and test your discipline. Bwahahaha! The food you are about to see doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, the most delicious meals are often priceless, especially the ones cooked by our loved ones.

Anyway, here are my Top Ten Food Faves!

1. Go Green, Go Clean
It's just a magical combination when food is delicious, yet healthy at the same time. It's as if someone gave us a free pass to eat as much as we want without the guilty feeling of giving our heart or liver a hard time.

A wave of organic and locally produced food has swept Hong Kong, led by Naturo+. Their lunch set menus can't be beat for local, organic Chinese vegetables, Ube mash, crispy slow roasted pork and a pumpkin miso soup. And that's not even counting dessert! It's all completely natural and green.
Traditional Lao dishes are so delectable; most of their dishes incorporate alot of veggies and organic spices to create their signature taste. Some of the Laos prefer steaming their meat rather than frying to create that perfect combination of tasty and healthy meals that our bodies will thank us for. 
Dishes are from Three Nagas in Luang Prabang, Laos.
2. Breakfast in Bed
Who doesn't like a good breakfast? Sometimes, a good breakfast sets our mood in the morning and brightens our day. I rarely have breakfast nowadays because I wake up really late but when I do, I prefer my hot bread, butter, bacon and sunny side ups. If they're not available, I usually go for my usual Tapsilog. 
Breakfast in Cambodia
Bacon and eggs, oats and traditional Lao fried rice--our breakfast in Laos
Warm homemade bread and homemade butter = homey breakfast.
 3. Going Japanese

I prefer Japanese food over any other foreign cuisine, okay Italian and French come next, but I think Japanese dishes are yummier and way healthier.

My favorite onigiri okaka and salmon onigiri with tsukune from Nan Ban Tei
Our fave tsukune (japanese chicken balls) and grilled tofu from Nan Ban Tei
We love all kinds of sushi especially Maguro and of course, maki. Scorpion Maki from Red Kimono
 4. My Comfort Food
These are my go-tos when I'm sick. I really like anything with tomato sauce or has a tomato base, they really make me feel better.
Ratatouille from Cafe Mediterranean 
Chili Con Carne from Grams Diner
 5. One Step Closer To Heaven
These are the meals that are so good, they make you feel like you're on cloud 9, yet they are so bad and unhealthy that they'll take you one step closer to heaven. :p
BBQ Pork Ribs from Ranchero, Davao City. This is one of the best ribs I've ever had! Too bad they only have to branches, one in General Santos and one in Davao.
Pork ribs from Racks. I LOVE BBQ RIBS!!! Who doesn't??
Barbecued lamb on pumpkin sage rosini from Antonio's Tagaytay
I forgot the name of this dish but it tasted like lechon on cranberry sauce and mashed potato from Chelsea Market and Cafe
Barbecue chicken from Vivere Sky Lounge
 6. Snack Attack
I don't usually eat heavy snack but once in a while, especially when I'm super busy and tired, I just let myself devour these delicacies.
Chicken Kebab from Cafe Med
Open Faced Chicken/Turkey form Almon Marina
Seafood Pasta from Aha Bar and Restaurant from Cambodia
Creamy Tuna Penne by my friend Joel

Chicken Satay from Singapore
I think this is Figaro's Chicken pesto panini or something
Another specialty from Aha Bar and Restaurant. I think this is Salmon?
 7. Dessert Please!
I'm a big fan of anything with jelly, watermelon, pearls/sago, molten chocolate and just a tiny bit of ice cream. Not really a cake/pastry enthusiast.
Watermelon and jelly from Singapore
Molten chocolate cake a la mode

Chocolate cake/fudge a la mode with cranberry syrup from Aha, Cambodia
My favorite  dessert of all time: Coffee Jelly from Nan Ban Tei
 8. Adobo
Adobo is very special to me. It has been my goal to taste all kinds/types of adobo from all over the world. This is a very personal journey. Hahaha.
Pork Adobo from Acacia Hotel Manila.
9. It's More Fun In The Philippines
And of course, nothing beats my all-time faves: Pinoy dishes.
Tokwa't Baboy by my friend Joel
I loooove Filipino food!!! Image from
I love any silog meals but I love Tapsilog best. Image from
10. Pandesal
Last but definitely not the least. Umaga, gabi, may palaman o wala. LOL
Hahahahahaha I kid! I hope you enjoyed this food porn. I got really hungry making this blogpost. Christmas is coming and we all know it's that time of the year when we intentionally turn a blind eye to any of our diet plans. Hell, eat and be merry!!!

If you want to know more about good places to eat, check out our FOOD SECTION for restaurant and food reviews
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