October 08, 2012

Turn Back Time

50s dress from Bayo, pink studded creepers from Singapore, red quilted bag from Mango

Sometimes, it's good to find a quiet space. A place with good food, good music and a soothing atmosphere that lets you wander off to a happier time. 
As you can see, the 'old world' feel of Herb Republic which we visited last Sept 28, was perfect for my 50s dress. I've been busy with school stuff/ our Integrated Plant Survey, making serious plans with Mark, a close friend and my family. My future is becoming more and more vivid and it's slowly being translated from a vision to legal documents. I had to pause and look back, contemplating whether everything I've done and all the decisions I've made have lead me to where I am now and where I'm heading. I'm growing a bit impatient but as long as I can see progress, I'll be fine. It's only a matter of months before everything shifts. I would like to keep this post and these pictures of quiet moments, in a beautiful province, in a happier time.

Here are other pictures from happier times:
View from our condo when I went to Sydney. This is just breath-taking.
Mornings in Sydney

Car rides with Mark
Balmoral beach, Sydney
Hanging out at the Sydney Opera House with Mark.
Walking around Paris
Exploring Paris 
The beautiful Kayangan Lake in Coron, Palawan
Relaxing in Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Samal, Davao 
Walking around UPLB. 
Cuddling in Baguio with Mark.

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