October 03, 2012

Quick, Easy and Healthy Snack in 10 mins!

 This is a very simple (as in), easy and healthy sandwich for people:
 -with sensitive stomachs
-who are always on the go
-who are on a healthy diet
-lazy guys out there who have no time to make fantastic meals
 What you need:
1. A can of Century Tuna
2. tomatoes (any type)
3. basil
4. Gardenia bread/ white bread or wheat bread
5. Butter
6. Fork, knife and bowl.


1. Drain tuna, make sure all the liquid inside the can is gone.
2. Cut fresh tomatoes into cubes. You can use as many as you like.
3. Mix tuna and tomato cubes in the bowl
4. Spread butter on the bread. You can add cheese on top if you want.
5. Add tomatoes and tuna on the bread
6. Grill/put bread with tomatoes and tuna inside oven-toaster for 5 minutes or depending on how toasted you want your bread to be.
7. After sandwich is toasted, sprinkle basil on top and you're good to go.

Your sandwich should look like this. Easy no? Hope you liked it. 

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