October 17, 2012

Mark's Family Celebration

Melissa is Mark's older sister. She and her husband, Chris have reached the big one-oh and celeberated 10 years of marriage in style at organic restaurant, Agapé, surrounded by over fifty friends and family members. These days, not many couples reach the 10 year 'Tin Anniversery,' so it is an accomplishment of love that stands testament to the strength of their relationship, the depth of their love and proves that best friends really do make the best life partners. So, cheers to both of you and your next wedding milestone!

Mark is a very private person but he gave me a go signal to post these personal family pictures of Mishi's lovely celebration. These gorgeous pictures were taken by Mark. He's good no?


Melissa is Mark's second oldest sister and she is a successful consultant/ partner at her consulting firm. Chris, on the other hand, is a successful partner at his law firm. They have been together since they were teenagers.

Mark, his mother Milette, Melissa and Chris. Mark's oldest sister, Carissa is somewhere in Europe with her husband Jez :)

Hope to see them soon.
Mark and Millie

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