October 18, 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

 M∙A∙C Marilyn Monroe, a colour collection that channels the legend’s lustre and sex appeal in shades and formulas meticulously Marilyn. Lipsticks in rapturous reds, gleaming Dazzleglass, a dramatic 35 Lash, False Lashes Extreme Black and Eye Shadows in shimmering metallic and diamond tones provide silver-screen allure. The finishing touch: Nail Lacquers destined to be a girl’s best friend and Beauty Powder to evoke that flawless Forever Marilyn

Mark's surprise presents: MAC Charmed, I'm Sure and MAC Scarlet Ibis form MAC's Marilyn Monroe Collection. Lips are not mine but from temptalia.com

As my readers know, I am obsessed with anything vintage. From movies, to the celebrities of that era as well as their fashion and make-up. I own several vintage clothes, jewelry and have sported the cat eyeliner since high school. I adore celebrities like Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, Audrey Hepburn, Dita Von Teese, the ever sexy Brijitte Bardot who has been my fashion icon and of course, Marilyn Monroe. Now when Mark heard about MAC's Marilyn Monroe collection, he thought I was going to be ecstatic about it. He was right.

As I've told in my previous posts, I do not really follow any make-up trend and I don't really check whether MAC has a new collection or something BUT apparently, my boyfriend does for me! Mark has been looking at good MAC lippies to surprise me with and guess what he bought? MAC's Charmed, I'm Sure and Scarlet Ibis from MAC's Marilyn Monroe Collection! My boyfriend knows me soooooo well!!!

Charmed, I'm sure is a deeper red with a matte finish and blue undertones, whilst Scarlet Ibis is I think, her signature hue and more famous Marilyn lipstick, having a warmer red with orange-ish undertones. Perfect for my red lipstick collection :)

I'm so excited to use these babies and of course review them so everyone can see whether they look good on Pinay skin. 
The collection has been out since September and I think I'll have these lovelies soon. Can't wait!

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Loving: MAC Marilyin Monroe Collection and ovcourse the boyfran
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