October 08, 2012

Hurrah For September!

Hey there! September was really a very busy month and I am just thankful that it was a really good month of bonding, loving, catching up and studying. Here are the things I love about September:

1. Going out with my family
Before I move to another country, I want to maximize my time with my parents, sister, grandmas and my cousins. I will definitely miss them.
 2. UP documents for my Master's applications abroad
 3. Met with my IL girlfriends
 4. Concerts and UPLB moments
 5. My ENG 101 lecture for Sir Dennis in UPLB

 6. IOSA plant visitation
7. Mark's Surprise Birthday Video you can view here.
8. Nail Art!
My Vintage Rose Nail Art. I'm getting there.

Watched: Modern Family Season 4
Listened to: Lana Del Rey, Emma's Imagination, Natalie Lungley, Two Steps from Hell

Our song: Never Let Me Go

Can't Wait For: Anna Karenina(!!!!), The Walking Dead Season 3 (!!!!), Cloud Atlas-(I've posted the trailer on Facebook last July 29 to be exact but forgot to put it here!) Rurouni Kenshin Live Action movie and of course, Great Gatsby

My September was busy but it was sort of a quiet chaos. I was traveling mostly around Manila/QC/Alabang and Los Banos. There was a lot of paperwork, school stuff and family bonding. My September, two years ago, was very different; it was full of events, people, parties etc. whilst my September last year was a bit hectic and lonely because of my work. Now, I wouldn't want my September any other way.

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Listening to:  Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead remix)by Massive Attack
       Loving: October
             =(: nothing

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