September 08, 2012

UP is Love

Loving my new UP hoodie!!!
UP hoodie, Mango bag, Accessorize bracelets, F21 denim shorts, So Fab creepers
UP has been such a large part of my life. It was the setting for my first love, my first concert, my first party, my first drink, my first heartbreak and my first taste of freedom. With so many firsts, the university holds a special place in my heart, that goes beyond the standard loyalty that every alumna has for the Maroon & Green. My time there has formed so much of who I am now. Whenever I return, I come back with a strong sense of gratitude and nostalgia. I was lucky to be able to return to UP to catch up with old friends, meet new ones around a "campfire" like set-up, watch Up Dharma Down in concert at Baker Hall and get all the latest news from some of my closest friends.
When we arrived in UPLB, we immediately went to Jomi, Camille and their beautiful baby boy, Dylan's house for a heartwarming lunch. Camille, I really really love your cooking. Thank you for having us!
 This is me and my bestfriend Gail, waiting for Up Dharma Down. She also introduced me to some of her orgmates from UP Oikos. :)
 We were accompanied by one of my oldest and closest friends, Joel.
 After Segatron, I dashed in front of the stage to watch UDD!
 "Ganyan ang iskolar ng bayan, nagrereview at gumagawa ng "lab" sa concert!!"
 Unfortunately, the mic was a bit off but it was still good!

The next day, I met with a pretty young woman whom, according to her, I met when she was just 15 years old! I haven't seen her in a while but I still hold her dear to me. Look at her now! She's an actress and is leading Sigma Delta Phi Sorority in UPLB! So proud of you Sarina! :)
 Then it's dinner with Gail and Joel. Gail never fails to make me laugh with her stories. Love you, bebe! :)

After that I asked Joel and Gail to walk with me around the campus. They were exhausted after a few steps!!! We rested near Oble and to pass time, they asked me to tell the story of how I met my ex-boyfriend, who's also Joel's brother in the frat. :)
 After dinner, I went to Gail's place to hang out, then proceeded to Jungle Java in LB Sqaure and had a blast with Epsilon Chi Fraternity. Unfortunately, there's now a curfew in UPLB because of the recent tragedies, so we went to the ever so famous "Calma " dormitory and had a "jamming session" with EpChi and Chi Epsilon Sorority.  You can watch our session in my blog post HARANA NI JASPER SA UPLB.
 You can really tell, this is a student/fratman's room. Hahahaha
 OMG. We were so surprised to see this on SLEX going to UPLB! :D
After getting some of my papers, I went home to this joyous scenery. 
 Luckily, I still get my daily dose of school-life whenever I have my Manager's Course in UP Diliman.
 I've been meeting awesome people like Ate Jen, who's also a UPLB alumna, Red, Brij, Ace and my group mates in our "Masigasig" section.
Fortunately, I will be back next week in UPLB, if my health permits, to follow up some more papers for my applications abroad. I would like to let these moments linger.  UP is not just a university, it's a lifestyle and an addictive one.

Listening to : Someone Purer by Mystery Jets
Loving: UP hoodie
=(: LDR


  1. hi! :) it's nice to get to read your blog again! :) things have been busy and super hectic, but your entries are reminders that people shouldn't stress out all the time! :)

    oh, I just want to ask you something. I moved into a new blog home. would you mind if I linked you in it? :)

    1. Hello Layla! Thank you so much for your comment :)) I hope you're doing well and I'm glad that you still find time to read our entries... huuug!

      of course you may link our blog. Thank you very much and please comment your new blog name so I can link it here too :) Good luck!

  2. here it is:

    thank you! :) and a happy birthday to your boyfie! :)


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