September 02, 2012

August Favorites: The "Pretty Haul"

 additional bling for my collection from The Girl Shoppe
 Hello there lovelies! 
A while ago, my sister treated us to a fantastic lunch at Seafood Island in Alabang Town Center. The occasion? She got her first pay from her 1st ever job. She was so nice and gave 90% of her pay to our parents for tradition's sake. They didn't really need it and so my mother used Margie's pay for lunch and shopping...hahaha! I will post some lunch pics soon. :3

Like my sister, I know most of you recently got your much needed moolah from your companies, let these "Pretty Haul" give you an idea on what to reward your self/shop, if you still haven't figured out what to get for you or maybe a gift to someone special. 
I called this the "Pretty Haul" because most of the items here are the stuff I bought that I found "kawaii" 
♥ I've had this since May but never got to post it. I LOOOOVE this Mocking Jay Pin from The Hunger Games. Mark bought this in ATC as a gift by the way. ♥
 Cupcakes I bought as a gift to my friend Belle's baby, Athena. I don't think I can eat them, they're too cute! You can buy some of these in Festival Mall. I forgot the name of the store but it's on 3d floor in front of the art galleries.  
♥ These mirrors from Daiso Japan are just too adorable. I will show you what I did with them on the next blog post 
♥ This pretty mirror matches the theme of my room 
 I've been using this set for a month now. I will make a review of these products from Korea soon! 
 I got these from Davao TLCshop Fab Finds, all the way from South Korea 
 Davao TLCshop Fab Finds gave me these free samples from Korea! Thank you so much!!!
They look small and thin but trust me, they hold A LOT.
 Finally found a travel envelope for my passport!!!
I really, really needed this since I travel a lot. I already have a blue travel envelope from Europe but I like this color better.

Proudly Pinoy! If you also love traveling like me, I suggest you get one of these from Fab Manila. I got them from ATC a while ago.

 I haven't decided what to put but it will pretty much look like this. Look at my passport, it's all worn out and I love it like that. 

Some wireless bras from Bench Body.  I like that you can adjust the straps and turn them to "halter bras" or strapless.  I need more wireless bras for everyday use since wired bras might cause unwanted abnormalities or "lumps" in your breasts. I've had to use bras with hard wires for support because, well, you know why. Hahaha!
♥I went gaga for these plastic containers, I actually bought 9 of these from book holders to medicine cases. They were just perfect for my room's Damask theme. The hooks were also helpful for hanging my accessories. Again, I will show you what I did to these on my next post.  
cute stuff.

 Again, this organizer is so helpful for traveling. My mum has something like this and for the longest time, I've been borrowing it since I was too lazy to buy my own, but when I saw this lovely design in SM department store, I finally decided to invest in a good organizer. 

Got this from Kara Nina in SM department store for around P400. I usually put my toiletries, creams, perfumes, skin regimen stuff in a bag like this when I travel.

 My nail art stuff I bought last summer from Robinsons. The elegant butterfly hair accessory is real silver from Laos.

 The cutest plastic folder from Daiso Japan, only P88 

 I put files, drawings, menus, room rates of hotels we've stayed in and spas we've been to...

 Souvenir photos like this one from London Eye, England.
 Cookie Jar from Daiso (P88) as a piggy bank/coin holder. Coins from all over the world but most are from the Phils of course.
 I've had this since college but it's good to buy one special plastic notebook where I put random ideas and my bucket list.
I hope you liked this haul. Now go and enjoy shopping, independent women!

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  1. Millie! Where did you get those plastic containers? Loooove them! <3

    1. Hey Pinky! thanks... I got them from Daiso in ATC :)


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