September 24, 2012

Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers

 "Ang Kapitbahay ko ay Aswang" shirt from Artwork/ black Zara shorts/ So Fab creepers/ bracelets from Aldo Accessories/ black spike bracelet from Girl Shoppe/ necklace from The Ramp/ rings from The Girl Shoppe

 Look at this beautiful creature!

 Gloc 9
 Parokya ni Edgar

I remember the days when I used to listen to The Beatles, Bee Gees, The Carpenters, Eminem, Limp Bizkit, Eraserheads, Alanis Morisette and Parokya ni Edgar when I was 9-12 years old. 
I remember the days when my "pseudo boyfriend" skater asked for a kiss. 
I remember the days when I used to listen to nothing but J-Rock.
I remember the days when I used to date a drummer. 
I remember playing Up Dharma Down and Urbandub while cruisin' the highways of Sydney.
I remember the days when I used to leave the office around 11PM then proceed to gigs to watch my friends and their bands. 
 I remember a lot yet treasure few, but
I will never forget these middle-aged, juvenile, novelty, pop rockers.

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Listening to : Chikinini by Parokya ni Edgar
         Loving: Parokya and Gloc 9
                =(: hot weather

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