September 30, 2012

All The Small Things

Hello there! I just wanted to post pictures of little things that complete an outfit and little things that brightened my day these past few months.
June 2- "Hush Puppy"
Shirt and belt from Singapore, shorts from F21, Longchamp, bangles from all over the world
Loving this picture with Potter Jr! He's just adorable! 
May 18- "Velvet Ice" nailpolish: Milani Jewel Fx .Taken in Singapore. 
 June 28- "Royal Garden" The one on the very left with purple stones actually came from Paris. Mark got me that back in 2008 when he had this crazy one day stop-over in France. I know you can get this anywhere here but still.
 May 7- "Gail's Fish Tail" My friend Gail did this braid in Cagayan De Oro airport while waiting for our plane. We just had a 3-day holiday in Camiguin.
September 11- "Punk Berry" Coral nails from Etude House and Revlon in Black Lingerie

September 15- "Punk Berry Rock" Taken in UP Diliman during my Manager's Course. Bracelets from Aldo Accessories except the studded bracelet, that's from Girl Shoppe. 
 Feb 14- Mark's Valentine card I found when I was cleaning my room
Nothing comforts me more  than my beautiful dogs on my new bedsheet. Aren't they the cutest little creatures?
Nuff said for now.

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