September 30, 2012

All The Small Things

Hello there! I just wanted to post pictures of little things that complete an outfit and little things that brightened my day these past few months.
June 2- "Hush Puppy"
Shirt and belt from Singapore, shorts from F21, Longchamp, bangles from all over the world
Loving this picture with Potter Jr! He's just adorable! 
May 18- "Velvet Ice" nailpolish: Milani Jewel Fx .Taken in Singapore. 
 June 28- "Royal Garden" The one on the very left with purple stones actually came from Paris. Mark got me that back in 2008 when he had this crazy one day stop-over in France. I know you can get this anywhere here but still.
 May 7- "Gail's Fish Tail" My friend Gail did this braid in Cagayan De Oro airport while waiting for our plane. We just had a 3-day holiday in Camiguin.
September 11- "Punk Berry" Coral nails from Etude House and Revlon in Black Lingerie

September 15- "Punk Berry Rock" Taken in UP Diliman during my Manager's Course. Bracelets from Aldo Accessories except the studded bracelet, that's from Girl Shoppe. 
 Feb 14- Mark's Valentine card I found when I was cleaning my room
Nothing comforts me more  than my beautiful dogs on my new bedsheet. Aren't they the cutest little creatures?
Nuff said for now.

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Millie and Mark Go to Singapore

If video is not working, click: Singapore Millie and Mark Jan 2012
Here is a compilation of our videos in Singapore back in January 2012. This is very short and shaky, so forgive us. If you would like to know more about our Singapore trip or SG in general, click our guide:
Mark and Millie

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Affordable Make Up Below 150 Pesos

 I've been receiving questions about good, local make-up products for girls on a budget, so I reviewed some great make-up for girls who are still starting and experimenting but do not want to spend so much on cosmetics.  Here are my super cheap, top 3 drugstore make-up you must try.
 1. Careline Eyeshadow and Blush Palette - P140.00
2. Ever Bilena Blush in Earth (used as bronzer/contour) - P150.00
3. Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Pink Flame P145.00 or sometimes P99-100 when on sale

1. Careline Eyeshadow and Blush Palette - P140.00
-Super affordable
-Colors are really pigmented on top of eye primer.
-Compact. Great for girls on the go. I personally use this when I travel locally. 
-The black and browns are good for natural make-up looks.
-White and light blue colors are good as highlighters.
-Blush colors are really pigmented and shades are good for warm and cool skin tones respectively.
-With Etude eye primer, colors lasted on my eyelids from 10AM until 12AM. I'm not even kidding.
-Downside: sponge applicator sucks
-A bit powdery so you might want to put your eyeshadow first before foundation to clean the face from fall-outs.
Swatches for Careline Eyeshadow and Blush Palette. As you can see, some are very powdery but still pigmented.

Careline blush has cute colors.
 2. Ever Bilena Blush in Earth (used as bronzer/contour) - P150.00
-great shade for women of color
-Super affordable
-This is not really great as a blush since the color is too deep, but it is ok for contouring and as a bronzer.
-It can also get powdery so you need to tap the brush first before application.
-I broke out after 3-4 times of use but it could be because I put the product near my hairline and the dirt from my hair and skin caused zits. I have no problems with their other shades when I applied them on my cheeks alone. I didn't break out.
-Lasts about 3 hours
 3. Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Pink Flame P145.00 or sometimes P99-100 when on sale
-Great shade of pink
-Can be drying so put lip gloss after
-Has no scent whatsoever
-lasts about 4 hours

I think this is one of the few pics where you can really see my freckles. Nope, they are not blemishes/scars from pimples. I've had them since I was a kid. Anyway, using all the products above except for the eyebrow pencil, I think you can have a pretty decent natural, daytime look. Eyeshadows and blush from Careline, Contour from Ever Bilena blush and Ever Bilena Pink Flame for lips for P150 each. I think these 3 are great products for girls on a budget and for teens who are planning their make-up starter kit. I hope you enjoyed this review!

You can also check out my other make-up reviews, click:

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September 24, 2012

Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers

 "Ang Kapitbahay ko ay Aswang" shirt from Artwork/ black Zara shorts/ So Fab creepers/ bracelets from Aldo Accessories/ black spike bracelet from Girl Shoppe/ necklace from The Ramp/ rings from The Girl Shoppe

 Look at this beautiful creature!

 Gloc 9
 Parokya ni Edgar

I remember the days when I used to listen to The Beatles, Bee Gees, The Carpenters, Eminem, Limp Bizkit, Eraserheads, Alanis Morisette and Parokya ni Edgar when I was 9-12 years old. 
I remember the days when my "pseudo boyfriend" skater asked for a kiss. 
I remember the days when I used to listen to nothing but J-Rock.
I remember the days when I used to date a drummer. 
I remember playing Up Dharma Down and Urbandub while cruisin' the highways of Sydney.
I remember the days when I used to leave the office around 11PM then proceed to gigs to watch my friends and their bands. 
 I remember a lot yet treasure few, but
I will never forget these middle-aged, juvenile, novelty, pop rockers.

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September 23, 2012

5 Reasons Why I Love UP

Showing some school love! :)
When they said college would be one of the best times of your life, they weren't kiddin'. Thankfully, the best things about UP are traditional - every generation gets the experience, only with a different flavour reflecting the zeitgeist of the current generation. Here are four my five main reasons why I LOVE UP:

1. The Place: buildings, Freedom Park, gardens, dirt roads, dorms, apartments, streets, meeting places and of course, OBLE

UP main gate pic is from here.
UPLB OBLE and Hum pic from here.
I love UPLB :)
pic is from here

2. Food: street food, niche cafe food, canteen food, tapsilogan. . .
Met with my friend Jabez at his brainchild, Cafe Antonio in Los Banos.

UPLB PROVEN pic from here

3. The People: batchmates, professors, orgmates, brods, sisses, frats, soros, orgs, friends, seatmate, ka-MU, exes, friends, frenemies, enemies, old friends, new friends...basta UP people
Met with my college friends last week. Ate at Dal Cielo with Gai and Joel . Then met Camille, Jomi and Dylan after  the Parokya-Gloc 9 concert for a baptism.
Kairy's birthday at Jungle Java in LB Square with UP Epsilon Chi Fraternity and Chi Epsilon Sorority.

4. The Events: Feb Fair, Oblation Run, Lantern Parade, concerts, plays, forums, rallies, debates, enrollment, org/frat/soro meetings/finals, acads finals, hellweek, eLBi nights, moni sessions, group meetings, kung ano anong sessions, jogging/running/walking, competitions, open tambayan, cheerdance competion... kung may kulang, paki-comment nalang... ay teka.. clearance/graduation! bwahahaha
Parokya-Gloc 9 concert at UPLB
Blurred Gloc 9

Chito and Vinci
Congratulations, UP PEP SQUAD!!!
pic from 

5. Courses and awesome UP staff
My IOSA (Integrated Organizational Survey) groupmates from our UP Manager's Course in UP Diliman

Lunch at SM Fairview after our Plant visitation in Quezon City. Pics from our groupmate from Bounty Fresh, Darwin!!! See you soon, Efty, Hani, Chi, Mel!
I finally got all my needed documents for my scholarship in Sydney! Thank you, UPLB!!! ♥

What else do you love about UP?
Again, a big big congratulations to UP PEP SQUAD, you made us proud once again!

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Lightness and Weight

Our beautiful muse, Elaine
| Lightness & Weight |
Slip thru the mind of the wanderer.
The world is but a place to play.

Photography: Julia Escaño
Styling: Mikaela Pozon
Hair & Make Up: Millie Morales
Model: Elaine Carag, Managing Editor of Chalk Magazine

Special thanks to:
Ulysses King | Liberty Caña | Nila Delos Reyes | Joe Garcia

This is for Mika's final project at the Fashion Institute Of the Philippines. This is also for everyone's portfolio.

I got the pictures from Mika and Julia's facebook accounts :)

You can also visit my post for some behind the scenes pictures:


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