August 31, 2012

Why I'm Always Sick And How I Maintain My Weight

Keep smiling... even though there is a big-ass needle stuck between between your bones. Thank you to all who texted, called, PMed and visited. Thank you to my lola who brought me her yummy "turbong manok", to my parents Rexy and Marlon for everything, to Mark, Kristine Gail, Ronalyn, Aubrey,Racquel for always checking up on me, to Joel for the braid and really staying for like 9-10 hours to let my parents go to work and attend their meetings and also to JB Bernardino and Ephraim, my nurses. Salamat po :)
 Many of you have been wondering why I'm always sick and why, for some reason, I end up being confined in the hospital almost every year for the past 3-4 years. I cannot give you the details of my full medical history but my prevailing illness has something to do with my stomach.  
Here are the common misconceptions people tell me why I have GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or in layman's term, "acid reflux": 
1. I don't eat
2. I skip meals
3. I'm on a diet
4. I'm taking diet pills or medicine

I would like to take the opportunity to tell everyone that ALL OF THEM ARE NOT TRUE. I  have stopped any delusions of going on a diet since 2006, I eat a lot, have not skipped meals and I have never taken any diet pills. EVER.

Contrary to what everyone thought, I was confined recently because I ate too much food that were not good for people with acidic and sensitive stomachs like mine.

 I don't have an ulcer but I do have a bruise/scratch inside my stomach (gasgas) from too much acid. I have always been careful of what I eat and all my friends can attest to that. 
Here are some of the things I do to prevent GERD and to maintain a healthier stomach/body:

1. I don't drink or smoke.
2. I  regulate my intake of chocolate, cheese, and other dairy products since they stimulate the production of acid. 
3. I have small frequent meals 
4. I stay away from coffee, milk teas, iced tea or any carbonated drinks.
5. I only drink water.
6. I eat lots of fruits, esp apples.
7. I drink lemon water every single day as prescribed by the doctor. Lemons are acidic on their own but when they're inside our bodies, they're alkaline. Read here for more benefits of lemon. (we have a jar at home)
8. I regulate my intake of fatty foods
9. I stay away from red meat.
10. I have Nexium with me all the time.
11. I don't eat too much. Again, moderation is the key.
12. I used to go to the gym or jog. I walk my dogs if I can't do any of these.
13. I don't eat cakes or any sugary stuff.
14. I stay away from junk food.
15. I eat early around 6-7PM then have fruits at 9PM or 12AM
16. I don't eat spicy, oily and food with too much vinegar.
17. I try to eat at home or any semblance of home-cooked meals.
19. I stay away from fast food joints.
20. I eat healthy snacks.

These are also the reasons why I don't gain too much weight and why I have maintained my weight for the past 6 years.

So what happened?
Basically, I broke ALL my rules for 3 weeks and ate whatever I wanted. I became lax and drank my roasted milk teas, ate tapsilog, chocolates, pizza and fried everything. I was feeling better for the past couple of months that I thought I'd go easy on my rules. There you go. On August  22, from 12AM-4AM, I basically threw up everything inside me. A week before that, I had been experiencing massive stomach pains and could not sleep. Blood was also coming out. My mother got worried and took me to E.R.
That's it. :)

Anyway, our whole family is very conscious about our health. My mother has also encouraged me to pay extra attention to my lady parts so I have all the updated vaccines for "Anti-Cervical Cancer". I advise ALL WOMEN to get one. 

We also make sure to maximize our medical insurance and I've been to Asian Hospital too many times that I now have a Privilege Card  (which I think anyone can get hahaha). Sometimes, when my doctors aren't in Asian, I go to MCM/ Medical Center, Muntinlupa who have excellent doctors and nurses and have a more personal touch to their service. We previously went to Healthway for several years before our medical card changed. It's such a shame because Healthway is extremely convenient since it's in ATC or Festi. 
Anyway, this is that one time I was admitted in ER but refused to be confined. I look OK but I was really in pain. We were waiting for our driver at the lobby after they gave me pain meds.

Hahahah may nageemote sa likuran

Smiling even though it's still painful.
Mark wanted to play the piano that's why we sat there. 
Asian Hospital still looks like a hotel.

Coming from someone who has to regulate her food intake and cannot eat everything she wanted, I suggest to all people esp to all women and girls who are starving themselves just to get "thinner" to fit in this absurd "social norm" of  what "beauty" is supposed to be, stop this suicide now. Be healthy, eat right, exercise, have a healthier lifestyle and LOVE YOURSELF.
You only have one body and one life to live.


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