August 03, 2012

The Elegantly Seductive, Cillian Murphy

  I love Cillian Murphy. Yes, he has been my crush for a long time but I have not been very vocal about it. I first saw him in 28 Days Later back in 2006/2007 and I thought he was special. I knew he's not the typical teen heartthrob but I am just so attracted to his elegance, his build, his style and his voice. He has an arresting stare, a type of look that would make you uncomfortable or excited. I know that in Inception, Joseph Gorgon Levitt got all the attention for being the "hottie" but in all honesty, I was looking at Cillian and his big baby blue eyes the whole time. And to my relief, I am not the only one enamored by his charm. In Batman Begins, Nolan agrees with my eureka by saying, "He has the most extraordinary eyes, and I kept trying to invent excuses for him to take his glasses off in close-ups."

He is a critically acclaimed actor but reading and learning more about his lifestyle, I understood  where his quiet glamour comes from. Scroll down to read more about Cillian.

Scotland On Sunday said, "Cillian Murphy ... exudes a doe-eyed sensitivity that is central to our emotional involvement in the character's development. He is not a macho figure itching for a fight, but a man of peace, reluctantly drawn to the use of force. When he makes a commitment to Irish independence, it is unyielding and entirely believable."

The New Yorker's David Denby wrote, "Cillian Murphy, who has angelic looks that can turn sinister, is one of the most elegantly seductive monsters in recent movies."

I find the Wikipedia entry about his personal life, a better summary than other articles I read: 

In mid-2004, Murphy married his long-time live-in girlfriend, Yvonne McGuinness, an artist whom he met in 1996 at one of his rock band's shows. The couple lives in northwest London with their two sons, Malachy (born in 2005) and Carrick (born in 2007).Murphy is known for being reluctant to speak about his personal life. He frequently gives interviews about his work but did not appear on any live TV chat shows, where actors customarily share information about their private lives, until 2010, when he was a guest on The Late Late Show on Ireland's RTÉ to promote Perrier's Bounty yet still remained politely reserved. He does not have a stylist or a personal publicist, travels without an entourage, and often attends premieres alone. Shy and private, Murphy professes a lack of interest in the celebrity scene, finding the red carpet experience "a challenge... and not one I want to overcome". He intentionally practices a lifestyle that will not interest the tabloids: "I haven't created any controversy, I don't sleep around, I don't go and fall down drunk". Murphy is friends with fellow Irish actors Colin Farrell and Liam Neeson, looking up to the latter like a "surrogate movie dad." But primarily, Murphy's close friendships are those he made before becoming a star.

Music is still an important part of Murphy's life. In 2004, he said, "The only extravagant thing about my lifestyle is my stereo system, buying music and going to gigs". He no longer plays in a rock band, but regularly plays music with friends and on his own, and still writes songs. Unlike many other famous actors who are also musicians, he does not plan to start another band: "Even if I was good, the very notion of being an actor with a rock band on the side would mean I'd never be taken seriously". Murphy is also a dedicated runner.

Murphy ultimately became an atheist after researching his role as a nuclear physicist/astronaut in the science fiction film Sunshine. He is a longtime vegetarian, not due to any moral objection to the killing of animals, but because of qualms about unhealthy agribusiness practices. Murphy participated in the 2007 Rock the Vote Ireland campaign targeting young voters for the general election. He has also campaigned for the rights of the homeless with the organisation Focus Ireland. In February 2012, Murphy wrote a message of support to the former Vita Cortex workers involved in a sit-in at their plant, congratulating them for "highlighting [what] is hugely important to us all as a nation".

If that didn't make you fall for him, I don't know what will. Obviously, this guy is a talented piece of art himself. His head is in the right place and it makes me want to put my heart in his palms.
Enjoy Cillian.

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  1. what kind of woman catches the eye of a beautiful man?

  2. He is beautiful and talented, but it disappoints me with all his abundant gifts he professes to be an atheist.


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