August 13, 2012

Thank You, August!

After a whole day of cramming a semester's worth of Marketing Management in my Manager's Course, I went home to this--a giddy Mark talking about his day. He didn't even know I was taking print screens of him. And then I felt so much better and relaxed. ♥ 
Aside from this handsome face telling me crazy stories, and the fact that no one I know got hurt from the recent floods, here are some of the things I'm thankful for this month.

1. Mark and his love and support 
 I'm thankful for my Filipino, Aus raised, Korean looking boyfriend. Nobody believes him, but he's a pure blooded Filipino ♥ He inspires me everyday and encourages me to be stronger and to believe in myself. You are such a beautiful human being Mark. 

2. Getting in Master of Fine Arts program in University of New South Wales, Sydney
We still have other applications in other universities and we were informed that the results will be posted around November, so we still have to wait for the others before we decide which university and course I would want to pursue. Nevertheless, Mark and I are very happy to have this opportunity to finally be together in Sydney. I am very thankful for this.
I'm sorry if I cannot enlarge the docs since it contains some personal info but there you go. I woke up and talked to Mark on skype and while we were chatting, I opened my e-mail and saw this. I didn't realize it was that important until I asked Mark if it was and he said, "YES!! OPEN IT!!". Took me several hours to absorb what just happened. I would like to thank everyone for their sweet messages and uplifting words. I have amazing and supportive friends. :)
3. My sister got her first job. 
In a multinational company to boot! I saw their office and it was so cool with all the Brutalist architecture and Steam-Punk theme. How cool is that? I'm very happy for her and that she is one step away from being independent and rich! haha! Now I can ask for money. Bwahahah!

4. The RH Bill is moving forward in congress. 
I don't want to get into details how much the Philippines needs this bill. I'm just happy that there is progress.

5. Artsy Room Ideas
My latest art project in my room which I will leave next year. Aww. I didn't print nor paint the words on my wall. I used pen and a special kind of paper. This line really makes my day and brightens my mood. Also, I love my new comforter. The design matches the theme of my room and is really soft. I was planning on buying a new bed but after getting the news about my MFA application, it would be kind of useless to leave a new bed at home. 

6. THE SUN!!! OMG. I was so delighted to see the sun shining again, I just had to take pictures.
Woke up to this!!! of course not with all the bubbles, but the sun!!! ohhh the sun!!
My room looks soo much better with sunlight pouring from my windows. Yep, the sun rises on this area.
View from my window. I'm grateful to see this and I know everyone appreciated the warmth. Even a brief glimpse of the sun would surely give hope to all the people in the country affected by the flood. I pray for them and wish them brighter days.
7. A Game of Thrones The Graphic Novel and my new Philips Earphones.
These were unexpected gifts from my good friend, Joel. I was really surprised when I saw them. My old Philips earphones were destroyed by my dog Iggy so I had to borrow Margie's for quite some time. Joel heard me arguing with Margie once about the earphones so he thought he'd get me one since I was too lazy to buy new ones. Haha! Sorry and thank you for your kindness. :)
One time, when we were in Powerbooks, Joel saw me ecstatic upon seeing the GOT graphic novel. I didn't buy it then because I thought I could download it somewhere but there you go, he surprised me by getting me the book after a few months. 
But wait... are you giving me these because I helped you get an insurance that will give your first $$$ later on??? The plot thickens. . . hahahahaha! I kid. Thanks, dude!
awesome artwork is awesome.
8. This super funny video that gave me and my family 3 minutes of LMAO. 
So much win Steve Kardynal. I am a fan.
August has not ended but there are already a lot of things I'm thankful for.
God has been very generous and I pray that His love touches your lives too.
Again, I want to thank everyone who has supported and believed in us. We love you all.

Listening to: All is Full of Love by Bjork
Loving: everything
=(: none hehe


  1. ang ganda ng GOT graphic novel, kainggit he he he

    1. thanks... you can get it sa powerbooks and fully-booked :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Geoleena!! You're very sweet :))


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