August 21, 2012

Double Date

Dress from Asos, cardigan from The Ramp, Mango Bag, Charles and Keith ankle boots 
Waiting in Austin's house for Mark's fitting.
Mark: Hun, what does "Tahanan" mean?

Millie: "Home"

Mark: So Austin's village is called "Home Village"? What's up with that? I mean Why??

Millie: -_____- 

Grabe, para talagang nabother si Mark sa pangalan ng village nila Austin hahaha kulet.
Miwi and Ani. Hungry faces.
Austin (my sister's bf) and my sis Margie. Hungry faces.
This is another backlog, I apologize. These pictures were taken last month when all four of us woke up early to watch the first showing of The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX. My outfit was inspired by pictures of Selina Kyle/Catwoman with the tight black dress and a red bag to accentuate my red lipstick. I really loved Selina's style in the film, really elegant.
Don't you just love Mark in D&G?
After watching the movie, we went to Austin's house in Tahanan Village for Mark's fitting session. Mark will model for Austin/his family's boutique and their high end-suits like D&G, Armani, Burberry, Hugo Boss etc. Tita Ian, Austin's mother, has an eye for great suits. Mark loved them so much that he bought a Hugo Boss black suit and pants and a D&G overcoat. 

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This is the first time I had a double date with my sister. What do you know? I could get used to this. It was actually fun. I hope we could all stay together as a family until we get old.

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